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Benefits of having Car Insurance in UAE

You won’t get fined

The most obvious benefit of having car insurance in the UAE is that you won’t get fined. This is because taking out car (or vehicle) insurance is legally required across the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai the police will fine drivers AED500 and give them four black points on their driver’s license for driving without insurance (or driving an unlicensed vehicle). The police can also impound the vehicle for up to seven days if the driver is found to have been driving without a license.

You get comprehensive car insurance

The third most important benefit of having car insurance comes with getting comprehensive car insurance. While third-party car insurance only covers the damage you do to someone else’s vehicle or property, comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your own vehicle. So, if you bump someone else, the third-party insurance will pay out to him or her, so you don’t have to. But if your own car is damaged without anyone else being involved, if for instance you reverse into a bollard, then comprehensive car insurance will cover the damage to your car.

You are covered

You might find that the benefits of having third-party insurance cover are actually larger still. This cover will pay out in the event that your vehicle causes damage to someone else’s property. So, if there is a crash and you are judged to be at fault, then the cost of repairing or even replacing the other car or truck could be far more than an AED500 fine. And if you are at fault, you must pay up according to the law. This is why third-party insurance is legally mandatory – this ensures that road users are not left with huge bills that another driver either refuses to or cannot pay.

You pick the benefits

There are a number of other benefits to comprehensive car insurance. These benefits vary according to the policy you take out. Broadly, the more expensive the cover, the more benefits you get, such as roadside assistance, lock repairs, and cover in other GCC countries. To find the deal that suits you best, you have to balance the cost of the policy against the amount of cover provided.

Types of Car Insurance in UAE

There are two types of car insurance in the UAE (and in fact across most of the world). These are third-party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. You must take out third-party car insurance, in order to drive legally in the UAE.  

In some countries you can also buy ‘third party, fire and theft’ car insurance, which adds coverage for damage by fire and car theft to basic third party insurance. However, fire and theft are usually included in comprehensive insurance in the UAE, which is the second type of car insurance.

Third Party Liability Car Insurance

Third-party vehicle insurance provides the minimum cover. This means you and your vehicle are not covered, but the insurance company will pay for any damage done by you or your vehicle to someone else or their vehicle. If you were wondering what ‘third-party’ means, the first party is the insurance company, the second party is you (who took out the insurance), and the third party is not actually involved in the business agreement.

It is the law to have third party car insurance throughout the UAE. This means no one will be left to pay if another road user who is ‘at fault’ damages him or her, or his or her vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers your vehicle and you, as well as any damage you may cause to others. In other words, you get ‘third-party’ cover and cover for you, the second party. Comprehensive literally means ‘complete’ or ‘including everything that is necessary’. Sometimes known as ‘fully comp’, there are actually a number of different levels of cover within comprehensive car insurance, ranging from the more basic packages, which will cover damage to your car, to more extensive cover that will pay for a taxi while your car is getting repaired.

How to Find Cheap Car Insurance in UAE?

Really simplified quote process

  1. Enter your car info – make, model and value
  2. Which emirate your vehicle will be registered
  3. Information about you
  4. Receive the best quote on the market

You have come to the right place if you want to find cheap car insurance in the UAE. At we specialize in finding you the deal that will save you the most money and suits you best. Because remember, it’s not all about cost with car insurance.

You also have to consider the cover you will get with your package. You may only be able to afford the cheapest car insurance deal or you may want the most complete comprehensive deal available. Alternatively, you may want something in between the cheapest and the most complete deal. Whatever you want, we can find the best deal for you at a lower cost.

Use our simple and you’ll have a range of car insurance quotes in minutes. All you have to do is enter the brand or marque of the car (or vehicle) you want insured, the model, the year it was made, the Emirate you want it registered in, its value, the history of your insurance claims (how long you have not claimed for), the length of time you have held a UAE license, the insurance company you are using at the moment (although this is optional), whether you want third-party or comprehensive insurance, and then your contact details. We will then use our clever software to look at the various policies available and then give you a range of options to choose from. Easy!

Best car Insurance Plans

What coverage you want?

The truth be told, there is probably not a ‘best car insurance plan’ out there, any more than there is a best film ever made or best dish. Some people like Titanic and some like Terminator, for one person it’s got to be a classic home-cooked Emirati Harees, while his best friend prefers a trendy fusion dish served at a new upmarket eatery. It’s the same with car insurance, it depends what coverage you want and can afford.

Comprehensive or third-party?

All vehicles in the United Arab Emirates must be insured with third-party insurance, which covers any damage or harm you might do to another driver. If you want to cover your own car – and can afford it – then you will need comprehensive car insurance.

Level of comprehensive?

There are a number of different levels of comprehensive car insurance, from cover that will pay for repairs to your car or replace it entirely to policies that will pay for added extras such as off-road cover, ambulance costs, or will cover you if you drive in Oman.

What company?

All the global multinational companies, such as AXA, RSA, and Allianz provide a range of comprehensive insurance packages, as do most of the UAE-based companies, including Oman Insurance, Dubai Insurance, the Qatar Insurance Company. Other companies, such as Gateway have a single comprehensive car insurance package. The New India Insurance has a single comprehensive package but allows you to add optional extras such as personal accident benefits for your passengers, rent-a-car, and windscreen damage, among others.

What Do Car Insurance Policies Cover?

The cover provided by car insurance policies falls into two main groups: third-party cover and comprehensive cover. The first of these, third-party insurance, covers the damage your might do to another driver or road user, but does not insure your own car. Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to, or replacement of, your own vehicle.

Comprehensive car insurance comes in a number of different formats. Some companies offer a single comprehensive car insurance package, others offer three (or even four) packages with increasing cover that is usually rated something like bronze, silver and gold packages. The third option is a single comprehensive insurance package and you can pay for a number of additional benefits if you wish.

What Do Car Insurance Policies Not Cover?

What car insurance policies do not cover is extremely important, because nobody wants to take out a policy and assume that it will pay out a certain benefit or damage only to find that it will not… after you have had an accident. Here we will explain what the main types of car insurance policy do not cover.

Comprehensive car insurance will also cover damage to your car or vehicle as well as damage to someone else’s vehicle. So, comprehensive insurance includes third-party cover and adds other benefits on top. Remember if your car is damaged by someone else’s vehicle and they are ‘at fault’, their insurance will pay out to repairs your car.

The most important thing to consider when taking out a car insurance policy is whether you want third party or comprehensive car insurance. Third-party insurance will pay out to anyone you are involved in a crash with if it is your fault. Third-party car insurance is legally mandatory in the United Arab Emirates. However, it will not cover any damage to your own vehicle, property or life (not to mention those of your passengers).

It is difficult to say exactly what comprehensive car insurance will not cover, because different packages have different levels of cover. Some will cover off-road use and some will not, some will cover loss of personal possessions and some will not. So, it is really best to check with the individual packages to see what exactly is covered. Remember that many companies offer three levels of comprehensive cover, each offering more complete cover.

No Claim Bonus/Discount

A no claim bonus or no claims discount is offered by insurance companies if you have not claimed from your policy over the last period of cover or longer. You could see this as a reward for being a careful driver.

The insurance company has to pay out when you make a claim, which obviously costs them money. So, if you do not make a claim, either because you have managed to avoid damaging your car or because you have paid for small costs yourself, then you will get a reduction on your insurance bill for the next year. This bonus or discount for not making a claim will reduce the cost of your insurance bill.

So, before you make a claim you should consider whether the payment from the insurance company will outweigh the loss of your no claims benefit next year (and maybe for a few years in the future). It is often a good idea to phone your insurance company and ask the how much the loss of your no claims benefit will amount to over the next few years and then compare that to the cost of the repairs.

Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance in Dubai

It can be challenging to decide what insurance policy or company to choose.

There are a large number of insurance companies operating in the UAE and they all offer at least two policies and often more. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simple car insurance calculator that could help you decide which policy would suit you best?

Luckily it just happens that there is such a thing: the price comparison tool. This will help you find the best car insurance quotes to suit your needs in just moments.

Using our car insurance calculator is simple. First enter the make of car (or truck or pickup) you wish to insure, including the model, the year it was registered, the Emirate you will be primarily driving it in, the price of the vehicle, your insurance claims history (for the possibility of a no-claims bonus), how long you have had your UAE license for, your current insurance company (this is optional), and choose either third-party or comprehensive insurance, finally add your contact details.

Our ingenious algorithms with then go through all the available policies before giving you a selection to choose from. And there you are: Cheap car insurance in minutes.

How to Select the Best Car Insurance Plan in UAE?

Car insurance in UAE

The UAE Insurance Authority updated the legal framework for car insurance in the Emirates in 2017. This has arguable meant higher premiums, but better cover for consumers. These changes occurred after three years research during which the Insurance Authority looked at the local car insurance market and examined the way that car insurance works in a number of other countries. This was the first change to the UAE car insurance market in 30 years, during which time the values of vehicles had increased greatly.

The new changes meant that the insurance company is now obliged to make a greater payment to the third-party driver whose vehicle has been written off. Also, spouses, parents and children are now covered up to AED200,000, whereas before they were not.

The new legal framework means that all drivers in the UAE pay more for their car insurance, even though the cost of their vehicle will usually have depreciated. However, the cover has increased in scope.

Other changes to the law include that cars that are a year old or less must be fixed in the dealership. Properly filed claims must also be settled within 15 days or the insurance company may have to pay additional damages. Third parties must also be provided with a replacement car for a maximum of 10 days. Also, insurance companies cannot call a weather event a ‘natural disaster’, which allows them to avoid paying insurance claims. Now only the individual Emirates can declare a natural disaster.

This means that all UAE-resident drivers will find it easier to select a better car insurance plan, because all plans will have better cover.

However, there are still some tips to help you select the best car insurance plan in UAE.

Understand Your Insurance Needs and Expectations

Before choosing your insurance package, you should first understand your insurance needs and expectations. The first detail to understand is whether you want (or can afford) third party insurance or comprehensive insurance. Third party will only pay out to someone else if you are involved in an accident that you caused. Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle when another driver is not liable. This may be due to theft, accident or any other reason.

There are a number of different levels of comprehensive car insurance that you might want to consider. Many companies offer a scale of cover (running roughly from bronze, silver, to gold), while others have a single comprehensive insurance package with the possibility of buying some extra add-ons.

There are a few needs and expectations that you might want to consider before buying comprehensive car insurance. Does your insurance include?

  • Replacement vehicle. It is all very well if the damage to your car is covered, but hiring a replacement can be expensive, so you will probably want to add a replacement car to your policy. This is the most popular add-on for people buying motor insurance in the UAE.
  • Windscreen/windshield cover. This includes all windows (back and sides) and will include repairs of minor damage and full replacement.
  • Lost or stolen keys. Now that car keys are high tech security devices, they can be expensive to replace. Best to add this to your policy.
  • Personal effects. The cost of personal items that are damaged in or stolen from your car.
  • Medical expenses. This will cover smaller medical treatments (for example, whiplash).

Reputation and Reliability of the Insurance Provider

There are 48 registered car insurance providers in the UAE and all of them are registered with the , so you can be assured that all these companies meet certain minimum standards. Further, on 1st January 2017 a new set of rules governing the car insurance market came into effect, these provided extra protections for road users in the UAE. So, you can be assured that all the companies have had to meet certain minimum standards and their policies are much more comprehensive than previously.

Evaluate the Insurance Coverage

With so many insurance companies trying to get our business in the UAE, it can be difficult to evaluate which is the best insurance coverage on offer. Probably the main elements to consider when evaluating insurance coverage are the balance between cost and payout. Firstly, do you want third party cover, which costs less, or comprehensive coverage, which you will pay more for? Secondly, if you opt for comprehensive cover, you then have to decide whether you want the basic package or one of the more extensive ones. You will pay more for some policies, but they will pay out more should you need to claim. You may also want to consider whether you want to be covered for a replacement vehicle, windscreen damage, and lost or stolen keys, among other extras (see Understand Your Insurance Needs and Expectations for more help here).

What Details are required to Ensure Cheap Car Insurance?

One of the best ways to get the cheaper car insurance is by being able to claim a no-claims bonus.

This is a discount on your yearly insurance premium – which in the UAE can range from 10% to 20% – because you have not made a claim in the past three years.

The thinking behind no claims bonuses is that the insurance company reckons you are likely to be a safe driver in the future and not claim during the year ahead. Safe drivers are cheaper to insure. The more years you go without making a claim, the cheaper your no-claims discount. To claim a no claims bonus or discount you will need to ask your employer for a no claims discount certificate. These are free. Remember that your no claims bonus is linked to you and not your car.

You can also buy no claims discount protection from your insurance company, which enables you to still claim your no claims discount even when you have made a claim.

Documents Required To Purchase or Renew Your Car Insurance

There are a number of documents you should have to hand before you buy your car insurance. These will make sure that the whole process of buying it is as quick and easy as possible, and (if you can claim a no-claims bonus) that you will get cheap car insurance.

Make sure you have the following documents to hand:

  • Car registration details
  • Driver’s license
  • Copy of your registration card (or Mulkiya)
  • Your no claims discount certificate (these will be provided by your current insurance company free of charge)

Best Car Insurance Companies in UAE

There are 48 companies providing car insurance that are registered with the UAE’s Insurance Authority. It is probably most accurate to say that there is not a single company that is the best, but rather each company has its own strengths and offers benefits which might suit your needs better.

Having said that, we recommend 14 car insurance companies as providing the best all round service in the United Arab Emirates.

The New India Assurance Company

One of the oldest insurance companies in India, and one that has been operating in the UAE since 1961. The New India Assurance Company offers third party insurance, comprehensive motor insurance and a number of optional extras.


A large insurance group based in London, RSA opened its first office in the UAE in 1956. RSA offers third party insurance and two levels of comprehensive insurance – Motor Value, Motor Smart, and Motor Executive.


One of the largest insurance companies in the world, AXA is based in Paris and has been operating in the UAE since the early 1950s. AXA offers third party insurance and two levels of comprehensive insurance – Motor Third Party, Motor Perfect, and Motor Prestige.

Clements Worldwide

Founded in Washington DC in 1947 with offices in Dubai and London, Clements Worldwide originally served US government employees exclusively, now everyone can use them. Clements Worldwide offers fully customizable policies with Physical Damage coverage and Excess Liability protection.


Allianz SE is a huge German insurance company headquartered in Munich. It currently offers only rental car insurance in the UAE under its Allianz Travel wing.


Sharia Compliant The Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (AMAN) was founded in 2002 in Dubai. AMAN offers third party and comprehensive motor insurance, with additional features and benefits available.


Founded in 1979, Salama is the oldest and largest Shariah compliant Takaful solutions provider listed in Dubai Financial Market. Salama offer Motor Third Party and Motor Comprehensive packages, plus vehicle export insurance.

Gateway International Resources LLC

Founded in 2011, Gateway International Resources works closely with one of the oldest Insurance companies in the Middle East, Arabia Insurance Company. Gateway offers third party and comprehensive packages.

Union Insurance

Founded in Dubai in 1998, Union Insurance has nine offices across the UAE. The company offers third party insurance and two comprehensive packages: Standard Comprehensive and Superior Comprehensive.

QIC Insured

The Qatar Insurance Company was founded in 1964 and is now the largest insurer in the Persian Gulf. QIC offers third party insurance and three levels of comprehensive car insurance: Premium, Prestige and Platinum.

Oman Insurance Company

Oman Insurance was founded in 1975 and has 12 branches across the UAE, as well as others in the Gulf and MENA region. The Oman Insurance Company offer third party cover and four levels of comprehensive insurance: Comprehensive cover, the Privilege Club, Premier Cover, and the specialist InsureMyTesla.

Noor Takaful

Founded in 2007, Noor Takaful has become one of the most successful homegrown insurance companies in a very competitive market. Noor Takaful offers third-party cover and comprehensive insurance, with added extras for an additional fee.


Founded in Abu Dhabi in 2011 with the backing from Abu Dhabi investors, Watania is a vigorous young insurance company. Watania offer third party insurance and comprehensive cover.

Dubai Insurance

Dubai Insurance (sometimes known as DubIns) was founded in 1970 by the decree of His Highness, Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum. Dubai Insurance offers three insurance packages: Silver, which is third-party cover with some extras, and Gold and Platinum comprehensive plans.

How to File a Claim for Car Insurance in UAE?

Don’t worry; filing a car insurance claim in the UAE is pretty simple. There just are a few steps to follow:

File a police report

Phone 999 and the police should arrive shortly. In the mean time take some photographs of any damage yourself. The police will assess who is at fault and give a pink form to the driver at fault and a green one to the driver thought to be not at fault. You can take the matter to the local police station if either party disagrees with the police assessment. In some Emirates you can report minor accidents with the police app (Dubai Apple and Android)(Abu Dhabi Apple and Android), on the Dubai Police website, or at some ENOC petrol stations.

Inform your insurer

They will want your police report, which you can email them. You must inform your insurer even if you don’t intend to claim.

Pay your excess

This is the portion of the repairs that you have to pay if you are at fault, before the insurance company picks up the rest of the bill.


Choosing and understanding car insurance can seem a daunting task at first. It actually doesn’t take very long to pick up. Nonetheless, many of us have some niggling questions about car insurance in the United Arab Emirates; here we do our best to answer the three most frequently asked questions.

What is the cheapest car insurance?

It is impossible to say exactly what policy is the cheapest, because they all vary according to the vehicle (brand, model and age), the driver (do you have a no claims discount?), and what you want covered. Broadly however we can say that third party cover is cheaper than comprehensive cover, and that is because it only pays out to someone else if they are injured or their car is damaged. If you want to be covered, you must get comprehensive car insurance.

Should car insurance decrease every year?

Car insurance fees shouldn’t necessarily decrease every year, but it can do for a few years in a row. If you go for a year without making a claim, you will be eligible for a no-claims bonus or no-claims discount. This can discount can increase as you finish more years without a claim, for up to three years. Outside the no-claims discount, your car insurance fee is likely to go up in line with inflation.

Does car value affect insurance

The value of your car does affect your insurance, but it is not the only factor involved in calculating your premium. If you have a small car with a .99 liter engine, you will pay less than a luxury model, however the depreciation in value of your car each year will not reduce your premium. The other elements of your policy such as bodily injury, property damage, rental reimbursement and roadside assistance will likely cost more, even when your car is slightly less valuable than the year before.