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Car Insurance in Fujairah

Each emirate in the UAE, including Fujairah require drivers to insurance the vehicle. We can help you to compare car insurance quotes so you can easily find the right policy for you.

The insurance business in Fujairah

There are six insurance companies registered in Fujairah, with the Al Fujairah National Insurance Company being the key player in the homegrown industry. The other big players are the National Bank of Fuairah, TelUs Care, and the Al Buhaira National Insurance Company.
Car insurance premiums make up for 61% of the total insurance market premiums in Fujairah: the total premiums for car insurance paid over 2019 amounted to AED 123,969,086 of a total AED 201,851,230. And 69% of total insurance payouts in the emirate were in car insurance: the total compensation paid out to Fajairah motorists amounted to AED 70,036,529 of the total 101,746,734 remedies paid to insured parties.

Car Insurance Companies in Fujairah

Below are a list of several insurance companies that serve Fujairah.

Compare Car Insurance in Fujairah

You can easily compare car insurance quotes and policies in Fujairah, here’s how

  • To get started all you have to do is click on the “get quotes” button
  • Enter in the details of the vehicle that you are looking to insure, then proceed to the next step
  • Now you’ll be asked to enter in your personal details such as your name, email, how long you have been driving for etc.
  • We’ll then use the details you have entered to provide you with quotes from car insurance providers in Fujairah
  • Compare the prices and policies to find the most suitable policy for you.
  • You can then enter your details to pay for your insurance coverage online.