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New India Insurance Review

New India Insurance Company Overview

The largest general insurance company in India, New India Assurance has been operating in the UAE since 1961. The company has three offices in the emirates, and another 12 in other GCC countries. So it’s safe to say that the New India Assurance is big player in the region’s car insurance market.

As well as car or motor insurance, New India Assurance offers a number of other products. These include property insurance, engineering insurance, liability insurance, and both a marine and a general cargo policy. Additionally, the company offers a range of more unusual products that include a jeweler’s block policy, money insurance, and fidelity guarantee insurance in case of dishonest business dealings.

The New India Assurance Company was founded by Dorabji Tata in 1919 and nationalized in 1973. The company began its overseas operations the year after its foundation and currently operates in 28 countries across the globe.

New India Insurance Contact Details

4th floor, Tamouh Tower

Marina Square, Al Reem Island

Abu Dhabi, UAE 

P.O.Box : 46743

+971 2 6440428



Rais Hassan Saadi Building, 7th Floor

Al Mankhool Rd

Al Raffa

Dubai, UAE

+971 4 3525563

+971 4 3522539

[email protected]

Babel Towers, M – 07

Al Majaz-3, Al Majaz

Sharjah, UAE

PO Box 45772

+971 6 5560312 

Fax: +971 6 5561862

Why buy New India Insurance?

You can insure both private cars and commercial vehicles with New India Assurance. The company offers two main packages for motorists: Motor Third Party Liability Insurance and Motor Comprehensive Insurance. 

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance is the basic package and covers your liability to pay compensation to a third party (this is anyone who is not the licensed driver of the car, which generally means other motorists, pedestrians and passengers in the car) if they are killed or injured, or there is damage to the third party’s property. 

Motor Comprehensive Insurance covers the car if it is written off or accessories and parts are damaged. This package includes accident (including collision or the vehicle overturning), fire, external explosion, self ignition, lightning or thunderbolt, burglary or theft, malicious act by a third party, vehicle transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator (including the process of loading and unloading).

You can also ask for a number of optional extras, including personal accident benefits to driver, personal accident benefits to passenger(s), rent-a-Car, natural calamities, off-road (4-WD), windscreen damage, garage repairs, and roadside assistance.

Motor Fleet Comprehensive Insurance

This package covers companies with fleets of commercial vehicles, such as vans, trucks and buses. It is a flexible offering because it is open to anyone with six or more vehicles and you can select either Third Party or Comprehensive cover or a mix of the two.

Value Added Extras

One of the strengths of New India Assurance is that you can create a unique insurance package that suits you much easier than the large European and American insurers. 

These optional extras include personal accident benefits to the driver or passenger(s), a replacement rental car while you car is being repaired or serviced, and roadside assistance. 

If you love dune driving, they offer 4-wheel drive and off-road insurance too.

New India Claims Process

Before you make you claim you need to have the four following documents to hand:

  1. Policy number and policy type
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Copy of your car registration card (or Mulkiya)
  4. Police report

Remember to report your claim to your broker or the New India Assurance claims department immediately; you should do this even if you do not yet all the relevant information. You can download the claims form here.
Contact the company either online or by phone or fax to the relevant office within 60 days. Make sure you get a receipt of arrival.

New India FAQs

Is motor insurance mandatory in the United Arab Emirates?

Third-party insurance (which covers others in the event of an accident) is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicle Act.

What are the exclusions from my policy?

You will not be covered for: drunk driving (driving under the influence, DUI), when the driver does not have a valid or full driving license, general wear and tear, breakdown, when the vehicle is not used for it’s approved use (e.g. taking a road car off road), anti-social and illegal activity.

Can the payout be paid directly to the garage carrying out the repairs?

Yes, if it is a garage approved by New India Assurance.

What costs do I have to pay/bear?

The additional costs that you have to pay include a compulsory excess, the reasonable value of salvage if it is not surrendered to New India Assurance, depreciation of the value of your vehicle where it is applicable, any extra money spent in excess of the approved Liability Payment Order that is issued to the repairs garage.