The Most-Watched Car Videos on YouTube

Our love for cars transcends from wheels to screens, with YouTube filled with videos reviewing the latest wheels, car insurance providers, and discussing all things automotive. 

So, which car makes and models are the most searched for on YouTube and which feature in the most popular videos?

The Most Popular Car Models on YouTube

Thousands of motoring fans watch YouTube videos to check out some of the most impressive cars out there, but which models are they searching for the most? Tesla has four models in the top ten, but it’s the Model 3 that takes the top spot, with over three million global searches per year on the video streaming platform.

  1. Tesla Model 3 – 3.4 million annual searches
  2. Tesla Roadster – 1.8 million annual searches
  3. Toyota Supra – 1.7 million annual searches
  4. Honda Civic – 1.48 million annual searches
  5. Lamborghini Aventador – 1.46 million annual searches
  6. Mazda3 – 1.39 million annual searches
  7. Audi R8 – 1.31 million annual searches
  8. BMW i8 – 1.3 million annual searches
  9. Tesla Model X – 1.26 million annual searches
  10. Tesla Model S – 1.02 million annual searches

The Most Popular Vehicle Manufacturers on YouTube

While Tesla performed well for the most searched models, when it comes to YouTube users searching for car manufacturers, Lamborghini just pips them to the post, with 11.6 million global searches per year, although Tesla isn’t far behind with 9.9 million annual searches.

  1. Lamborghini – 11.64 million annual searches
  2. Tesla – 9.91 million annual searches
  3. Ferrari – 4.6 million annual searches
  4. BMW – 3.36 million annual searches
  5. Audi – 1.93 million annual searches
  6. Bugatti – 1.75 million annual searches
  7. Porsche – 1.46 million annual searches
  8. Mini – 1.34 million annual searches
  9. Jaguar – 1.33 million annual searches
  10. Rolls Royce – 1.24 million annual searches

YouTube’s Biggest Motoring Influencers

Biggest YouTube Car Influencers


Chris Magello

7.83 million subscribers

348 videos

Estimated earnings per video – $8,594 / £6,064

For motoring enthusiasts, ChrisFix is a must-follow. His easy-to-follow step-by-step instructional videos help his followers to fix some of the most common problems with their cars, as well as learning how to upgrade different elements.

Supercar Blondie

Alex Hirschi

6.14 million subscribers

305 videos

Estimated earnings per video – $5,280 / £3,726

Alex provides a lighthearted and fun insight into the world of luxury cars. Focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful cars out there, this influencer has garnered more than 6 million subscribers.

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

4.04 million subscribers

617 videos

Estimated earnings per video – $4,664 / £3,291

Like Supercar Blondie, Doug DeMuro’s videos often feature luxurious and exotic cars, but he also makes videos reviewing affordable cars, as well as having a little fun in the automotive world.


Using a list of 532 of the most popular car models, we took the average monthly search volume for each model on YouTube using Ahrefs, multiplying this by 12 to estimate an annual figure.

Estimated earnings per video are taken from the Influencer Marketing Hub YouTube earnings calculator.

We did the same for car manufacturers, using a list of 71 makes.

All date correct as of June 2021.