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AXA Insurance Review

AXA Insurance Background

AXA is one of the largest insurance companies in the world and offers services for individuals, as well as corporate and business customers. The company has been operating in the Gulf region for 68 years, and covers Oman, Bahrain and Qatar as well as the UAE. Throughout the region AXA has a workforce of over 800 employees, and 25 branches and retail shops. 

In addition to car insurance, AXA offers a number of other products including home insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, and other more niche products such as art, golf and yacht insurance. You can also get AXA motor fleet insurance for your business.

Based in Paris, AXA operates in throughout the world. It started using its current name in 1985, although it can trace its origins back to the foundation of Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie (the ‘Ancienne Mutuelle’) in 1816. In case you were wondering, AXA is not an acronym, but was devised as a word that could be pronounced easily all over the world.

AXA Insurance Contact Details

+800 AXA (292) or fill in this web form

Main Branch:

Showroom #4, Um Al Sheif Building, 

Plot #514-0, Makani #19694 80701, 

Next to Metropolitan Hotel, 

Um al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Road, 

Dubai, UAE

Opening hours

9am to 6pm, Sunday to Thursday

Al Nahyan Complex

Building 11 A&B, National Consultative Council Complex, 

Delma Street (Street # 13), 

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Opening hours

8am to 5pm, Sunday to Thursday

Sharjah City Centre shopping mall

Main Entrance, First Floor,

Al Wahdah Street, 

Sharjah, UAE

Opening hours

10am to 10pm, Sunday to Saturday.  2pm to 10pm, Friday

Why buy AXA Insurance?

AXA offer three motor insurance products ranging from a basic third-party offering to complete cover. You also get 10% off when you purchase online.

Motor Third Party: this is the ‘essentials’ package that offers third party insurance, which is mandatory according to UAE law. This package offers third party liability – bodily injury, third party property damage (up to AED 3.5 million), legal liability extended to include family members as third party, no-claims discount, optional cover for Oman, personal accident benefit for the driver (optional, up to AED 200k), personal accident benefit for passengers (optional, up to AED 200k), 24-hour accident and breakdown recovery.

Motor Perfect: is the mid-price offer that offers the same coverage as above with some additions and optional extras. In addition to the basics above, Motor Perfect also covers loss or damage to the insured vehicle, fire and theft cover, storm, flood, riot and strike, personal injury (up to AED20,000), emergency medical expenses (up to AED 3,500), personal belongings (up to AED4,000), cover in Oman, off-road cover, maximum available agency repair period (Optional up to 5 years), guaranteed repairs, back to invoice for total loss (6 months from 1st registration), waiver for excess for windscreen damage (if below AED 5,000), hire car benefit (optional, up to 7 days), GCC cover (optional), pickup & delivery (claims service).

Motor Prestige is the AXA car insurance policy with the most complete coverage, fewer conditions, and higher payouts. Motor Prestige covers all those points mentioned above, plus third party property damage (up to AED 5 million), emergency medical expenses (up to AED 6,000), 5-year maximum available agency repair period, back to invoice for total loss (24 months from 1st registration), waiver for excess for windscreen damage, personal accident benefit – driver (optional, up to AED 350k), hire car benefit (yes, up to AED 1,500), optional GCC cover, claims single point of contact.

Value Added Extras

As well as AXA’s three levels of insurance cover, customers also have the option to have their car repaired at an AXA-approved agency/ dealership or at AXA network garages. They will also carry out Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) inspections for you.

You will also get free airport pick-up and drop-off and while your car is being serviced, and SMS updates while your car is being repaired.

AXA customers get a 15% discount on international car rental bookings from Europcar Dubai, and discounted rates if you rent a car in the UAE.

Axa Insurance Claims Process

Before you make you claim you need to have the four following documents to hand:

  1. Policy number
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Copy of registration card (or Mulkiya)
  4. Police report

You can make your claim online, or by calling the claims team on 800 292.
Once you have registered your claim, you will receive email notification of your successful registration and your claim number. You will then receive notification from AXA which will explain what to do next.

Axa Insurance FAQs

Does AXA cover Oman and other GCC countries?

Cover in Oman is an option with Motor Prestige and Motor Perfect, but not covered by Motor Third Party.

Can other people drive the car insured by AXA under my name?

You can give permission for other people drive your car and still be covered by AXA insurance. Just remember that they must have had their driving license for more than a year and be over 25-years-of-age.

Does my AXA insurance cover ‘Acts of God’?

Accidents that have occurred due to extreme weather situations such as tornadoes, floods and storms, as well as extreme geological activity such as earthquakes and volcanoes (all of which are known as ‘Acts of God’ in the insurance business) are not covered.

Will I be insured for personal injury?

If you take out Motor Prestige or Motor Perfect you will be insured up to AED 200,000. You will not be covered for personal injury if you take out Motor Third Party. See AXA’s Motor Third Party terms and conditions for more information.