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Qatar Insurance Company Car Insurance Review

Qatar Insurance Company Overview

The Qatar Insurance Company is the largest insurer in the Persian Gulf according to The Economist magazine. It was founded more than 55 years ago, and has international outlets in Oman, Kuwait, the UK, Switzerland, Bermuda, and Malta, as well as the UAE. 

You can buy both personal and business insurance from the Qatar Insurance Company. Their personal products include car insurance, travel insurance, homeowner’s, and contents insurance, as well as yacht insurance. 
Founded by a decree from the Emir of Qatar on 11th March 1964, the Qatar Insurance Company initially concentrated on insuring the Qatari national energy assets. The company’s first office was in the historic Souq Watif in the center of Doha and their first branch in the UAE opened in 1968. 

Qatar Insurance Contact Details

QIC Hotline: 800 4 QIC (800 4 742)

08:00 to 20:00, Saturday to Thursday 

[email protected]

QIC Dubai

Office 210, AL Dana Centre

AL Maktoum Road

Deira, Dubai, UAE

+971 42224045

Fax: +971 42238974

QIC Abu Dhabi

Al Manara Bldg, Muroor Road

Abu Dhabi, UAE

+971 26769466

Fax:+971 26769265

Why buy Qatar Insurance Car Insurance?

As well as offering three levels of insurance, from the basics to full cover, the Qatar Insurance Company has two other benefits. Firstly, you can do everything online, including issuing and renewing your policy. Secondly, to make sure all their customers get the very best repairs to their vehicles, the company has set up a unique catalogue of highly rated garages. Their workshop-rating programme makes sure your car gets sent to the garage best suited to do the repair job.

Third-Party Liability insurance from the Qatar Insurance Company is the legal minimum package and covers death and injury caused to a third party (anyone who is not you, the insured driver), and property damage caused by your vehicle up to AED 500,000. Their comprehensive car insurance offers full cover, so you get a payout if you or someone else damages your car.

Premium package covers: Loss and damage to your car, fire and theft, third party Liability, third party property damage (up to AED 1,000,000), agency repairs for one year from the date you first register your car as brand new, emergency expenses up to AED 3,500, the option of personal accidents benefit for the driver and passenger (up to AED 200,000 each), the option of a courtesy car for 10 days over a policy year, silver quality roadside assistance, coverage for storm and flood, and also for riot, strike and civil commotion.

Prestige covers the same as above with the addition of third party property damage (up to AED 3,500,000), agency repairs for two years from the date you first register your car as brand new, windscreen damage excess waiver (up to AED 3,500), personal injury (up to AED 20,000), emergency expenses up to AED 3,500, personal belongings up to AED 5,000, off-road cover, replacement locks, valet parking theft, new car replacement for new cars up to six months old.

Platinum is the most complete cover offered by the Qatar Insurance Company and covers the same as Prestige with the addition of third party property damage (up to AED 5,000,000), agency repairs for three years from the date you first register your car as brand new, full windscreen damage excess waiver, emergency expenses up to AED 7,000, full personal accident benefit for the driver and passenger (up to AED 200,000 each), gold roadside assistance.

Value added extras

The Qatar Insurance Company lets you pay your fees in one lump sum or in monthly installments, and all customers are given a 10% discount on their car insurance when they buy online.

You can ask for a company representative to visit you – at your convenience – by using the QIC’s new Insurance on Call service.

If you buy a comprehensive car insurance package you will have access to an emergency helpline 24-7 throughout the UAE. The QIC complementary driver services mean that you don’t have to take your car to the garage or workshop for its service, they will pick it up and return it to you as part of the package. Their complementary driver services will also take you to and from the airport.

Get added discounts when you download the QIC Safe Driver app. This rates your safety as a driver and offers a discounted premium if you are found to be a safe driver.

You can also ask for a number of optional covers that includes GAP cover, repairs at the car brand’s own garages, depreciation of spare parts, personal accident cover, roadside assistance, off-road cover, personal driver services, off-road 360 cover, claims management services to handle all the administrative work involved in your claim, riot, strike, storm and flood cover.

Qatar Insurance Claims Process

Before you make you claim you need to have the four following documents to hand:

  1. Policy number and policy type
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Copy of your car registration card (or Mulkiya)
  4. Police report

QIC have done their best to make the claims process as easy as possible and have a number of different methods of contacting them including using WhatsApp. 

You can register a claim on the QIC customer portal website, or contact their call centre on 8004 742, or alternatively try 56 500 4742 on WhatsApp.

Alternatively send the documents by email to [email protected] or via fax to to +971 42238974 (Dubai) +971 26769265 (Abu Dhabi).

You can also visit their offices in person (see the addresses above) or call them on them on the numbers above.

Qatar Insurance FAQs

How will my premium be calculated?

Your premium is based on a calculation that includes the cost of replacing or repairing your car, combined with your length of experience and record as a driver. You will get a no-claims discount on your next premium if you do not make a claim over the course of a year.

Does the premium differ for sports and exotic cars?

Yes, the premium is higher because the cost of repairing the car will be more and sports cars have a higher chance of being in an accident.

What is off-road cover?

This covers driving on non-paved roads, including those in small villages, access roads to the beach and construction sites. However, dune-bashing is not covered by any QIC policy as it is considered to be ‘reckless driving’.

Will QIC insure my 7-year old car?

No, QIC does not issue comprehensive cover for cars older than seven years.

How long must I wait for the Third-Party Insurer to inspect my car?

Your insurer is required to notify the third party’s insurance provider if the estimated cost of repairs exceeds AED 5,000, according to UAE guidelines. It should take three days for the third party’s insurance provider to inspect the car and agree the cost of the repairs with the garage or workshop.

Can I sell my insurance when I sell my vehicle?

No, because your insurance premiums are calculated according to your record as a driver (as well as using the value of the car).