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The Top 10 Dubai’s Car Influencers & Bloggers You Should Follow

We all have been guilty of spending hours on social media scrolling through random videos of cats and dogs on the internet or drooled over celebrities bragging about their luxurious lifestyles. If you are a car enthusiast and genuinely seeking cars related good content on the internet, then you should definitely consider following these top 10 car influencers and bloggers in Dubai. From the youngest rich kid to a foreign car celebrity, Dubai has it all when it comes to luxurious and glamourous cars!

  1. Mo Vlogs

Mohammed Beiraghdary or more popularly famous as Mo Vlogs is one of the youngest YouTuber’s in Dubai who has successfully made it to the millionaires’ list, all thanks to his YouTube channel. Mo is sitting close to the 10 million mark on his YouTube channel where he creates content around luxurious cars and trucks, many of which he owns himself. The most popular video of Mo has more than 16 million views on YouTube where he showed his collection of ultra-fancy and expensive car fleet.

  • Supercar Blondie

As her social media name suggest, Alexandra Mary Hirschi is a blonde woman from Australia who calls Dubai her home and she is one of the biggest car influencers in Dubai! Supercar Blondie a.k.a Alexandra came to Dubai to work as a radio jockey but destiny and her love for supercars forced her to persuade creating content on social media around cars and just like that, in a short while she became one of the firsts female cars influencer in Dubai.

  • Money Kicks

Rashed Belhasa who runs the famous YouTube channel Money Kicks is a surprise package. Just at a young age of 17 years, Rashed has successfully made it to the list of the top influencers in Dubai. He not only enjoys a super luxurious life in Dubai, thanks to his YouTube earnings and his dad’s net income, but he also owns a fleet of some of the most expensive cars in the world! His channel Money Kicks is all about his fancy lifestyle and supercars.

  • Saygin Yalcin

Every car enthusiast living in Dubai is familiar with the name of Saygin Yalcin. An entrepreneur and a car lover, Saygin is the CEO of the largest cars buy and sell online store in Dubai sellanycar.com. His intellectual mind, business strategies, and undying love for cars has made him a popular car influencer in Dubai with more than 700k followers on Instagram and a verified profile. Apart from his car business, Saygin is also the mind behind some of the popular websites in Dubai like sellanyhome.com and sukar.com.

  • Kareem Deeb

A young and smart car influencer and a stunt driver from Egypt based in Dubai full-time is Kareem Deeb. Kareem is a popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer in Dubai and his supercar and stunt driving videos is a treat to the eyes for every supercars lover! Besides his love for the cars, Kareem also uses his digital presence for modeling along with showcasing his photography skills and his daily grind with vlogging regularly. As his Instagram bio says, ‘The guy who drove your dream car’, he truly did drive everyone’s dream car!

  • Khaled Al Harthi

For everyone who loves the technical side of the cars, Khaled Al Harthi is the best Dubai car influencer to follow! Known as Salemt.uae on Instagram, Khaled is the first Emirati influencer on this list of best car influencers in Dubai. Khaled loves to educate his audience with all thing related cars from how to cool down the car while driving in the dry heat of Dubai to how to manually fix the car if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. He recently started his YouTube channel too where he posts videos exclusively for his Arabic speaking audience.

  • Suhaib Shasha

More than a car enthusiast and a social media influencer, Suhaib Shasha is the owner of the company ArabGT and a family man too. Suhaib rose to popularity within the car lover community in Dubai with the launch of ArabGT which is the largest Arabic automobile media outlet. Besides his love for the cars and making his followers drool over his supercars on Instagram, Suhaib is a TV presenter too at ArabGT.

  • Kasia Reviews

The self-proclaimed Lambo Girl and Boss Lady, Kasia is one of the top female car influencers in Dubai. With over 300k+ followers on Instagram, Kasia Reviews is a social media channel which everything and anything about cars. Where many of the other influencers love to diversify their content, Kasia has kept her game strong in her niche and love, which are cars. Her Instagram feed is aesthetically pleasing with Kasia posing in front of some of the most beautiful supercars in Dubai.

  • Zaid Zilla

Zaid Al Kilani and popularly known as Zaid Zilla for his social media fans is another regular guy who goes to work every morning, but, in a supercar! I will take back calling him a regular guy because his Instagram feed with over 230k+ followers is like a digital Audi showroom. It is apparent from his photos that Zaid loves Audi and how, that he has a fancy fleet of Audi cars from almost every year’s model.

  • Aldric_a

Unlike all the car influencers in Dubai, Aldric who runs the Instagram page by the name aldric_a is a car photographer. His entire feed is filled with photos of the best supercars that can be found in Dubai. There is not a single photo on his feed which is not drool-worthy and that’s exactly the reason why more than 100k people love to follow his content and passion for car photography. 

** All the pictures are sourced from each influencer’s Instagram account