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Abu Dhabi welcomes Volkswagen army

Record-breaking numbers of Volkswagen fans have descended on the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, to take part in Dub Drive GCC 2020, the annual celebration of the German auto manufacturer.

The event includes hundreds of motor vehicles that are brought in by thousands of fans from all over the region and has now expanded to such a degree that it has to be staged at the spacious Yas Marina Circuit.

Wörtherseetreffen, the world’s biggest Volkswagen event, was the inspiration for Dub Drive GCC, with the Middle East effort this year seeing vehicles coming from the likes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt as well as those from the UAE.

A 400-vehicle convoy through highways and streets began the celebration in Abu Dhabi, with a network of transport officials and local police helping to pull off the impressive logistical feat.

The majority of the vehicles involved with the tour are Golfs that have been heavily modified, but the fleet also includes the occasional Beetle as well as Passats, Touaregs, Teramonts and Tiguans.

The convoy was staged on Friday, but the main Saturday event was a day of track driving around the actual Yas Marina Circuit, with the souped-up cars really being able to let rip at the emirate’s Formula One venue.

This is the fourth year of Dub Drive GCC – it began as an event for enthusiasts, but the manufacturer now supports it and it has become a bona fide festival.

Victor Dalmau, the managing director of Volkswagen in the Middle East, says that he is delighted that the brand has actually become part of the staging of the event.

The love for the brand, together with the unity and the spirit of its fans, is tangible, and the company is proud to again be hosting such a special automotive occasion, according to Dalmau.

Lots of classic models were on display at the festival in addition to the new vehicles.

There were also other activities for fans to enjoy, including the likes of an SUV experience, a drift show that generated plenty of noise and smoke, and a car-pulling event.

Fahad Aman won the 2020 Dub Drive Car of the Year Award, with the prize being a trip to see Wörtherseetreffen, which takes place in May.

Amjad El Hibri won Best Classic Car of the Year, and David Aaron won Best R of the Year (this being a range of Volkswagen sports vehicles).

Mohammed Al Atiq took home the title of Volkswagen Star.

Fans who missed the event this year need not panic as Dub Drive GCC is already being planned to take place again next year.

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