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Cafu expands into Oman

The on-demand fuel delivery app Cafu, which is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and is the first of its type within the region, will be expanding its service into Oman after signing an agreement with Al Maha Petroleum, which is based in Oman.

The announcement was made on Monday and is part of the international expansion strategy being pursued by Cafu, with Oman being the company’s first international market.

The company is apparently also intending to expand into other markets within Egypt and the GCC over the course of the next year, according to MENAbytes.

The Cafu mobile app can be used by both iOS and Android users to request the filling of their vehicle’s fuel tank no matter where their car is parked within Ajman, Dubai and Sharjah.

The users just have to ensure that the fuel cap of their vehicle is unlocked, and they do not even have to be there for the delivery.

Cafu charges AED18 for each fill-up, or users can pay a AED26 monthly subscription fee that allows for an unlimited number of fill-ups.

Quality petrol is delivered in both Special 95 and Super 98 by Cafu in the UAE in custom-built and safe vehicles right to the homes and offices of customers, or any other location of their choice, according to a company statement.

Users just need to provide the location they want the fuel supplied to and when they want it delivered via the app.

The company’s services will be initially launched in Muscat and then rolled out into other areas of Oman, though no exact dates were specified in the statement.

Cafu launched in the UAE less than two years ago in November 2018, and the company says that since then, it has serviced more than 760,000 customers.

Dubai is recognised as being a testing site for groundbreaking technologies all over the world, according to Cafu’s CEO and founder Rashid Al Ghurair.

Al Ghurair says that the company is humbled to be taking its home-grown Dubai service to the rest of the world, beginning with Oman.

The joint agreement between Cafu and Al Maha Petroleum is set to change the way that the people of Oman are able to fuel their vehicles, and the entire experience will be digitalised.

Al Ghurair says that the company is confident that its technology combined with the expanding fleet of certified and safety-tested trucks will deliver Oman customers a truly unique experience.

The partnership with Cafu will help to revolutionise the way that Al Maha Petroleum’s customers are able to refuel their vehicles, says the company’s CEO Hamed bin Salim Al Maghdri.

The partnership also offers the company the chance to grow its own market share within Oman, Al Maghdri says, and he is confident that Oman will take to what is already a proven concept within the UAE.

Anyone driving a vehicle in the UAE needs to take out at least basic third-party car insurance to be in accordance with the country’s road laws.