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New app set to make car servicing and repairs in Dubai much easier

A new app, which can now be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones, is allowing car owners in Dubai to book their vehicles in for repairs and a service remotely. 

The new service, called ServiceMyCar.ae, is a first for the entire region and can be accessed online 24 hours a day. 

By downloading the app, motorists will no longer need to take their cars to a garage themselves. 

Instead, the new service means that people can now have their cars collected, serviced and then returned to them.

In turn, it is hoped that this will stop owners from delaying getting their car serviced or repaired, and then ultimately forgetting to do so entirely.

ServiceMyCar.ae founder and CEO Ozair Puda said that the company are delighted to be officially unveiling the new app to the United Arab Emirates and described it as it the Uber of the UAE.

The service initially went live over a year ago in March 2018, and now boasts more than 30 fully approved and licensed state-of-the-art service centres all over the UAE, with 15 staff members and a fleet of 12 collection trucks. 

Qualified personnel are responsible for the management of the centres, which offer a wide array of services, including car washing, general servicing, as well as both minor and major repairs and vehicle recovery.

Now that the service is completely operational in Dubai, car owners will be able to both book and pay for work to be done without having to leave their home or office. 

Puda says that the primary objectives of ServiceMyCar.ae are to simplify the process of having vehicles repaired and serviced so that it doesn’t get in the way of an owner’s busy schedules and to ensure that drivers stay safe on the road with the offer of a complete car health check with every service. 

In the process, people will be making a saving of up to as much as 80% in comparison to agency prices. 

Puda adds that they understand that the general lifestyle in Dubai and the whole of the UAE tends to be very fast-paced, with work being a major priority for a lot of people, and that this can result in individuals putting off, or even completely forgetting, to have their vehicles repaired or given a regular service. 

This can often be very dangerous and may result in the vehicle being damaged further. 

The company is planning to further expand its reach throughout the GCC by launching ServiceMyCar.ae in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman next year. 

Every customer who registers with the service gets a code for a 10% discount on every service, which includes the collection and delivery service and full vehicle health check. 

A basic service package can be as low as AED200.

In addition to regular check-ups, car owners should also ensure that their car insurance is up to date and comprehensive.