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EUT and AutoPro offer UAE drivers free tyre checks

Emirates for Universal Tyres (EUT), the sole distributor of Continental Tires within the United Arab Emirates, has teamed up with the nation’s biggest automotive services network operator, AutoPro, to provide UAE drivers with free tyre safety checks.

Unpredictable weather is one of the big issues facing drivers in the UAE at this time of the year, which often means an increase in the number of car accidents, and so the new campaign has been developed to try to make drivers safer on the roads.

The campaign is therefore aligned with the worldwide Vision Zero initiative being pursued by Continental with the aim of completely eradicating all road accidents to prevent all crashes, injuries and fatalities.

EUT and AutoPro will offer UAE motorists free tyre safety checks from highly trained EUT staff members at a number of AutoPro sites in Sharjah and Dubai.

All customers can receive a fully comprehensive tyre check, including the likes of tests for tyre size, wear, punctures, air pressure and tread depth.

The campaign, which is being run as part of the 10th anniversary of AutoPro, began on 22nd February and is carrying on until 25th April.

The general manager of EUT, Shaun Smith, says that the primary focus for EUT and Continental alike is to help to create the safest driving environment possible in the UAE, and the introduction of this campaign with AutoPro is perfectly fitting this objective.

EUT is looking forward to being able to be of assistance to as many of the nation’s drivers as it can, Smith adds.

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) retail marketing director Taleb Al Saleh says that AutoPro operates the nation’s biggest network of automotive facilities and is committed to understanding the safety needs of customers and providing the best-quality service to meet them.

The celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary includes the implementation of a number of tyre safety campaigns in partnership with EUT and Continental Middle East to ensure that customers have roadworthy tyres.

The recent reappointment of EUT as the sole UAE distributor for the premium German automotive tech and tyre company Continental highlights the success of the partnership, which has lasted for 15 years now.

EUT, which belongs to the Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons Group, operates four hi-tech service centres, two completely owned showrooms and warehouse facilities, and supplies Continental training and products to 200 independent retailers in the UAE.

ENOC subsidiary AutoPro provides a range of value-for-money and professional services via a network of as many as 42 different locations in the Northern Emirates and Dubai.

The company was established 10 years ago back in 2010 and has since created an entire network of conveniently situated, friendly and modern facilities run by real professionals in the car care industry.

Anyone who is driving any motor vehicle within the UAE needs to obey the nation’s laws, which includes being covered by at least a basic form of third-party car insurance.