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Free parking for Hijri New Year

No one in Abu Dhabi or Dubai will have to pay for a spot in a public car park during the Hjiri New Year celebrations. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority says that all fees are to be waived, with the sole exception of multilevel car parks, at the beginning of the Islamic New Year, with Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre joining in to say that all of its parking bays throughout the city are also going to be free for the duration of the event.

Earlier in August, the human resources authority in the country made the announcement that both the private and public sectors could take the day off on Muharram 1, Hijri 1441, although it was unclear at the time what exact date the public holiday would fall on. However, although there has not yet been any official confirmation, it is now expected that it will take place on a Sunday – according to the Gregorian calendar

The authorities in both cities have been urging the general public to avoid parking their cars in any prohibited areas and have pointed out that the rules relating to parking bays that require resident permits still remain in effect on the public holiday. There are a number of other Roads and Transport Authority services that will be impacted by the holiday, including the Dubai Metro. Red Line Metro stations are to be in operation from 5am up until midnight on Hijri New Year, with the Green Line to operate from 5:30am until also closing down at midnight. 

Dubai’s Smart Customer Happiness Centres in Umm Al Ramool will remain open during the holiday, but other Customer Happiness Centres in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are to be closed. Bus services in Abu Dhabi will continue to operate normally, with the Hijri New Year to have no effect on their normal schedules. The corresponding websites for both countries include a comprehensive timetable of all transport services for the duration of the Islamic New Year, including marine and bus transit modes. 

Whether or not you intend to make use of the free parking being offered in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi during Hijri New Year, it is vital to ensure that you have up-to-date car insuranceif you have any kind of vehicle. It is illegal to drive a vehicle without insurance in the United Arab Emirates, but having comprehensive cover is for your own protection as well as the protection of others.

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