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Goodwood Pioneers Collection launched in UAE

AGMC has revealed an exciting new range of bespoke vehicles. 

AMGC is the only authorised Rolls Royce dealer representative in Sharjah, Dubai and in the north of the United Arab Emirates.

These new cars echo old school Goodwood craftsmanship and also include cutting edge, innovative new techniques that make use of contemporary materials. 

The collection involves 12 cars that each represent the spirit of Rolls Royce vehicles and also redefine the possibilities inherent in the personalisation of luxury vehicles. 

Rolls Royce Motor Cars Dubai says they are honoured to showcase these amazing and unique cars in the United Arab Emirates. 

This year Rolls Royce in Dubai won the Global Bespoke Dealer award at the Global Dealer Awards, which is staged in China, this year.

The general manager of AMGC, Mamdouh Khairallah, says that the prestigious collection testifies to the innovation and extraordinary craftsmanship of Rolls Royce. 

Three Phantoms, four Dawns, one Cullinan, one Ghost, four Black Badge and four Dawns are included in the collection. 

The Arabian Gulf Phantom is the only one to actually take its inspiration from the UAE region. 

The vehicle combines a Mother of Pearl timepiece created by Helen Amy Murray, an artist in the United Kingdom, and sculpted silk appliqué. 

Each of the new cars is a contemporary masterpiece.

They feature hand painting methods that take their inspiration from modern art with an amazing sparkle added by fine glass crystal finishes. 

The doors also feature pioneering woven leather panelling and the biggest stainless steel piece ever created via 3D printing seen within a production vehicle. 

The regional director for Rolls Royce in the region, César Habib, says the company has transcended convention in order to redefine the designing and customising of bespoke motor cars. 

Habib says the resulting vehicles are unique and a reflection of the company’s outstanding craftsmanship. 

The Watch Phantom car takes its inspiration from Horology. 

It features the biggest gold and stainless steel veneer inlay ever used in the vehicle.

The Candy Mandarin Dawn Black Badge car is the first of its class to include woven leather panelling on the doors. 

The Goodwood Bespoke team created this pioneering technique. 

An impressive Candy Mandarin finish complements this innovation.

Candy Dark Indigo Wraith Black Badge is a car that features a very vibrant Starlight Headliner variation. 

The headliner’s purple stars are beautifully matched with the bespoke exterior Candy paint.

The contemporary theme is complemented by the inside of the car, coloured purple on the veneer, leather and clock. 

Brenner Green Dawn Black Badge is a car that comes with a waterfall in the rear that has been stitched by hand in addition to similarly created seat piping.

This combines with an impressive bespoke exterior as well as green interior clock and pinstripes. 

The result is a contemporary and vibrant new version of the Dawn Black Badge. 

Anyone intending to purchase one of the new vehicles or any other car in the UAE will need to take out car insurance before they can legally do so.