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How to get more for your UAE used vehicle

Anyone who has a used vehicle that they are intending to sell in the United Arab Emirates will want to not only succeed in that endeavour but also get the best possible price for their car.

However, there are a number of conditions that you will need to be able to meet if you want to ensure that you get the best value from the sale of your used vehicle in the UAE.

The way that you have treated your used car will play a major role in how much it is worth on the used market.

The better condition your used car is in, the higher price it will fetch – however, the opposite is also true.

One consideration that will have a big impact on the sales price of your used vehicle in the UAE is if your car has ever been involved in an accident and, if so, when that accident took place.

The first thing that will be checked by any dealer will be the accident history of your vehicle.

The price of your used car can be reduced by up to as much as 10% just by run-of-the-mill accidents that cause the likes of dents.

However, the price of your used vehicle can be reduced even more drastically if it has been involved in a major accident.

For instance, a used car that actually has a damaged chassis could have its price cut literally in half.

Body paint, which is often connected to any accident that your used car has been involved in, will be another factor that has an impact on the price you can expect to get when you try to sell your vehicle.

The paint is an indication of the car’s overall condition – the price of a used vehicle can be reduced by up to as much 10% depending on the condition of the paint, but on the flipside, if your used car has its original paint intact and unblemished, it will be worth a lot more.

Another very important factor for determining the worth of your used car in the UAE is its service history.

Your vehicle’s service history will be accessible to every UAE used car dealer, and it is important because it shows how well you have cared for it while in your possession.

Vehicles will not be able to remain in optimum condition without undergoing a regular service.

A regular service also helps to extend the lifetime of a vehicle, meaning that your used car will be worth a lot more if it has a strong service history.

Various features can also help make a used car worth more in the UAE – these include leather seats, upgraded trim levels and larger engines.

Anyone who intends to buy a used vehicle to drive in the UAE will need to take out car insurance.

Car insurance is a legal necessity in the UAE and helps guard against financial problems associated with accidents and theft.