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Immersive in-car 3D experiences for Jaguar Land Rover drivers in UAE

Jaguar Land Rover in the United Arab Emirates is developing new 3D technology in the form of heads-up display technology capable of beaming safety information to car drivers in real-time, while enabling the streaming of 3D movies to passengers directly from their seats as part of an envisioned autonomous, shared future.

A powerful new 3D head display is being worked on by engineers that will be able to project safety alerts such as hazard detection, sat-nav directions, and lane departure and will also be able to cut down the impact made by low visibility in poor lighting or weather conditions. Augmented reality will be able to help give more depth to an image by having the messages directly mapped onto the road ahead. Studies in Germany have already determined that using Stereoscopic 3D displays within an automotive setting result in an improvement in reaction times in regard to “pop-out instructions” and is also able to improve judgements on depth during driving. 

In the future, passengers in the UAE could be able to make use of the innovative technology in order to watch 3D movies. The user’s position would be followed by eye and head-tracking technology to make sure that they are able to see the 3D pictures without having to have individual screens or wear shutter glasses, as is the case when 3D movies are played at the cinema. A completely autonomous future would likely see 3D displays offering users their own personalised entertainment package and enable passengers sharing a ride to enjoy their own media choices, including journey details, movies or points of interest, all optimised for their own sitting positions. 

The research, undertaken in a partnership between Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics, is focused upon the development of an immersive head-up display that will be able to be a close match for real-life experiences, enabling drivers to give more natural reactions to prompts and hazards.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Human Machine Interface & Head-Up Display Researcher Valerian Meijering says that there is now fast movement in the fields of augmented and virtual reality, and that this consortium is using some of the best available technology to assist with the development of applications that suit the automotive sector. This provides not only a richer customer experience but also assists Jaguar Land Rover to continue moving toward a smarter, more intuitive and safer future for all road users. 

These efforts are all moving toward Jaguar Land Rover’s goal of Destination Zero – the company’s intent to make societies healthier and safer, with a cleaner environment. The company is focused on the future of motoring having zero accidents, zero congestion and zero emissions.

However, until that future comes to be, one thing that will always be the same is the need for car insurance. It is illegal to not have car insurance in the UAE, so before you set off on the road with a Jaguar Land Rover model or any other vehicle, be sure that you are up to date with your motor vehicle insurance.