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Invygo to expand into Saudi Arabia

Car subscription company Invygo has signed its first car hire partnership within Saudi Arabia, signalling the start of its new expansion into the country later this month.

Invygo’s new partnership with Budget Rent a Car Saudi Arabia will allow the company to start providing residents of Saudi Arabia with numerous quality car brands that are the latest monthly subscription models.

Soon, Saudi customers will have the ability to subscribe to cars using the Invygo app via a monthly payment that is all-inclusive and without deposits, hidden fees or long-term commitments.

Monthly payments are made by motorists in order to have a car delivered to them for driving, and with the touch of a button, they can also have the car serviced or returned.

Invygo, the first app-based car subscription firm in the MENA region, is aimed at users who want an alternative to the traditional car leasing and ownership options while receiving high-quality customer service.

Invygo raised $1m in funding in a seed round just a few months ago – it has already started to expand into Saudi Arabia and is intending to move into more of its cities while also entering Bahrain and a number of other GCC nations.

The historical deal marks Invygo’s arrival in the Saudi Arabia marketplace, with operations to launch this month in Riyadh with and then extend to other cities in the country, such as Dammam and Jeddah, in the next few months.

The CEO and co-founder of the firm, Eslam Hussein, says that Invygo is excited to be entering such a dynamic new market in its first partnership outside the United Arab Emirates.

The deal will deliver a superior driving experience to Riyadh, and eventually other cities in the kingdom, with the new funding helping the company to expand and grow its platform to another market within just a couple of months, Hussein adds.

The business has already grown to a significant degree within the UAE, and Invygo is hoping to reach even greater heights thanks to its new deal with Budget Saudi.

The group CEO and president of Budget Saudi, Fawaz Danish, says that the company is happy to be Invygo’s launch partner within Saudi Arabia and is always ready to embrace new ideas and technology.

Being able to offer great customer experience and the latest model vehicles via the Middle East’s first car subscription app will enable the company to attract a new and more tech-savvy class of customer who wants the flexibility offered by the subscription.

Invygo’s general manager in Saudi Arabia Ali Albanna says that the company is eager to begin offering the affordable, commitment-free and stress-free car ownership substitute to customers in Saudi Arabia.

The Invygo partnership with Budget Saudi means that many models from some of the most in-demand brands can be offered on the Invygo platform because of its new partner’s expertise and reach over the kingdom, according to Albanna.

Anyone who is driving a motor vehicle in the UAE is legally obligated to be covered by basic third-party car insurance.