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New Abu Dhabi showroom for Bentley Emirates

The doors have officially been opened to a new flagship showroom for Bentley Emirates on Zayed Road, right in the heart of the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi.

The new showroom will be catering to the increasing level of demand for cars from the British luxury automobile manufacturer from its customers and is aiming to deliver the best possible customer service that residents of the capital have come to expect.

The move allows Bentley Emirates Abu Dhabi to occupy a bigger space, with a display of no fewer than 15 Bentleys occupying 2,050 square metres.

The Bentley Emirates showrooms in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are more than just the standard luxury retail environment and are actually the only showrooms belonging to the company to come with a luminary facade lit up by thousands of LED lights.

The new showroom mixes the visions of both Bentley Motors and Al Habtoor Motors to realise an exclusive experience for customers that sees a redefinition of the luxury retail environment to blend contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.

The result is a showcase of the best in British luxury performance.

The president of Al Habtoor Motors, Sultan Al Habtoor, says that he is pleased to have inaugurated the new showroom and that it will be a hallmark of excellence not just in the UAE but also in the entire world.

Al Habtoor says that 2020 is a highly significant year both for the company and for the UAE.

2020 marks the Al Habtoor Group’s 50th anniversary, while the UAE is gearing up to ensure that it is ready for another 50 years of development and growth.

The new showroom is a great illustration of this vision, and Al Habtoor says that the company is thrilled to be involved with it.

A new feature of the new showroom is the Mulliner Room, which provides customers with a sensory, tactile and exclusive experience to help them personalise their vehicle.

As well as offering more than 100 different paint colours to choose from, the facility’s main area showcases some one-of-a-kind features that were commissioned by previous owners of Bentley vehicles.

The VIP Majlis is another crucial touchpoint – this is a hospitality suite that provides many luxurious materials together with traditional Arabic patterns and serves as a perfect illustration of how the space allows old-fashioned hospitality to meet modernity.

Unmatched customer service within the luxury automobile sector is part of Al Habtoor Motors’ track record, as is the reputation for beautiful personalisation and superb craftsmanship held by Bentley.

The new showroom brings together these elements in a way that will redefine Abu Dhabi’s automotive retail market, says Bentley Motors’ regional director for the Middle East Sarah Simpson.

The facility’s opening is a landmark moment for the successful and enduring partnership between Bentley and Al Habtoor Motors, according to Simpson.

Anyone driving a Bentley or any other motor vehicle in the UAE is under a legal obligation to be protected by at least a basic form of third-party car insurance coverage.