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The best ways to rent a car in the UAE

OneClickDrive.com is the first and biggest online marketplace in the whole of the United Arab Emirates in regard to car leasing and car renting, making it easier than it has ever been to find the best car leasing and rental solutions within the region. Users of the website are able to rent vehicles in Dubai and other places, and there are over 700 cars available from more than 50 car rental firms that are spread all across the UAE. The selection of crossovers, hatchbacks, sedans and vans as well as luxury cars, exotic SUVs, sports cars and supercars is the biggest available in the region. They are available to rent from 24 hours to a week or even a month in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai and Sharjah, with other emirates expected to soon follow. 

Prices listed on the website include standard mileage limit and basic car insurance, as per RTA law, though it is a good idea to have your own car insurance in order to protect against all possibilities, and there is an extra 5% VAT. The Kia Picanto compact car can be leased for as little as Dh1,200 per month, and all manner of vehicles and price ranges up to the very exotic 2019 model Rolls Royce Cullinan, which can be rented for Dh13,000 per day, are available. It is necessary to provide a refundable security deposit which, depending on the model of the vehicle, can cost from Dh1,000 to as much as Dh10,000.

The convenience of car rental is one of its most appealing factors. With a valid driving licence as well as a valid ID (which can be a GCC ID, standard ID or passport), anyone,including visitors and tourists to the UAE as well as residents, can hire a vehicle any time they wish. In the UAE, you do have to be 21 years of age or over to rent a car. You can even request doorstep delivery for the rented vehicle, to be delivered at the time you would prefer. 

Those who are visiting the UAE for a business project or on a short-term visa will find that a rental car is by far the best way to remain independent while on the road. Renting a vehicle in the UAE also offers a number of advantages over actually purchasing one, including being hassle-free and much more economical. The great majority of car rental firms in the UAE will not only provide free service but also pick up the vehicle again when your rental period expires. Rental vehicles are inclusive of standard mileage which, at 4,000 kilometres, will be more than enough for the vast majority of drivers. However, there are some car rentals available with unlimited mileage for those who really need it. Toll (salik) use is billed for at the close of each month, with the rental company taking care of registration and maintenance and providing a guaranteed replacement vehicle in the event of breakdown.