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Tinted windows can reduce vehicle theft but car insurance still the best safety net

Experts have spoken of the benefits of tinting car windows to lower the temperature of cars, prevent damage and reduce the chances of a vehicle being stolen but have warned drivers they will still lose out if they do not have a comprehensive car insurance policy or tailored third party insurance policy in place.

The use of tinted windows is increasing in the UAE due to soaring temperatures during the summer. Tinting can lower temperatures in the cabin of a vehicle by around 70 per cent when it is idle, and it can also alleviate the strain on air conditioning in motion as a cool cabin will put less pressure on the engine.

The heat from direct sunlight not only increases temperatures but can lead to serious damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to the cracking of dashboards and leather seats, which can be very expensive to repair and replace at short notice. Sunlight also makes the colour of materials fade and increases general wear and tear. 

Tinted windows also offer personal protection as high-quality tints blocks all but 1 per cent of harmful ultraviolet rays, which is important in the UAE where the sun shines for 250 hours or more every month of the year. This UV blocking will prevent sunburn and also protect the delicate eye area.

Tinted windows also protect windows from shattering easily into fragments so drivers won’t have to worry about unnecessary payouts for repairs after navigating bumps in the road or being involved in small accidents. Less glass breaking will also keep drivers and passengers safe.

Tints are also great for deterring thieves as they won’t be able to look in and see valuable items such as iPhones, laptops or jewellery which may be stored in a vehicle. For civilians in the UAE looking to install tinted windows this summer, it is important to remember that the maximum tint percentage allowed by authorities is 50 per cent.

Tinted windows can reduce the chances of a car being stolen, but for peace of mind, drivers should always take out a personalised comprehensive or third party insurance policy so they are not left counting the cost in the event of a theft. Experts recommend comparing car insurance deals online to get the most affordable and bespoke option available.

Third-party insurance policies are a legal requirement for those driving in the UAE, but it often only covers the basics. Gaps in provision can prove to be especially frustrating after having a car stolen or damaged. Fortunately, it is possible to get third party coverage to cover these eventualities, but they need to be supplemented with protection for theft.

When adding additional cover for theft, a driver can relax and not worry about the times when a vehicle may be stolen, damaged or burnt, as the insurance company will be on hand to cover any losses. Comprehensive insurance or fully comp cover will also provide coverage for damage to a vehicle. Acts of vandalism or accidents caused due to rockslides across mountainous terrain are also covered.