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UAE app CAFU brings you the fuel

CAFU, a new start-up company in the United Arab Emirates, is an on-demand service that offers fuel delivery.

The service can save customers time spent waiting at fuel stations, cuts down the chance of spillage, and offers an easy solution in case of emergency, in addition to giving any time easy fuel access just by clicking a button.

Rashid Al Ghurair is the brains behind the app-based venture, an Al Ghurair Investments board member, and the sole shareholder and founder of Dubai-based energy shipping and trading house MENA Energy.

Al Ghurair has over a decade’s worth of experience in the gas and oil industry and paid attention to the distinct absence of digital disruption within the sector.

Al Ghurair says that he wanted to disrupt the sector with a combination of technology and innovation.

Inspiration came from the UAE government’s desire for the nation to become a leading hub for innovation and tech.

Al Ghurair is also hoping that CAFU will be able to offer smarter living methods to enable people to spend a greater amount of time doing the things they actually want to do.

CAFU is billed as the first delivery app for fuel on demand in the entire region.

Initial planning began back in December 2017, with team members beginning to be hired the following February.

In July 2018, a pilot truck was launched, with a public launch following in November.

By last month, it had reached as many as 500,000 downloads on the Google Play store as well as the iOS store.

Once the app has been used to place an order, users just have to provide details of their location and a fuel tanker will be sent by CAFU with a team member to fill up the customer’s vehicle.

The average delivery time is 10 minutes.

The fuel is taken from Emarat, the UAE petroleum brand, and is the same price charged at a normal station, albeit with an AED18 service charge.

Deliveries can also be regularly scheduled to a vehicle if desired.

For AED45 every month, customers can become a member of CAFU+, which will allow for as many refuels per month as they want.

Although automobiles are currently the main focus of the company, CAFU has also recently expanded to include motorbikes, jet skis and even boats such as yachts.

CAFU Essentials has also been introduced by the UAE start-up.

This new service offers on-demand maintenance services, including the likes of battery, tire and oil changes.

It also includes fuel system cleaning for customers across Ajman, Dubai and Sharjah.

The enterprise currently has as many as 300 employees with total investments of AED100 million, according to CAFU.

There are also over 80 CAFU trucks currently on the roads of the UAE.

Anyone who has a motor vehicle that would benefit from using the services offered by CAFU should have already taken out car insurance.

Car insurance is a legal obligation in the UAE and offers protection from the financial costs of accidents and vehicle theft.