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UAE gets Kia Pegas Sedan for the first time

The new Kia Pegas Sedan, which is economical, highly practical and spacious, is going on sale this month in the United Arab Emirates for the first time.

The Kia Pegas is completely new to the whole region, and is seen as a smart choice for young families who live in urban areas, coming with compact dimensions, generous cabin and storage space, and a big personality.

The new Kia also comes with a stylish exterior design in addition to a wide range of technologies and convenience features that are likely to appeal to B-segment sedan customers.

The vehicle was built by Kia and introduced to a number of international markets in 2017, but it is only now coming to the UAE.

The head of Kia’s regional headquarters in the Middle East and Africa, James Kim, says that the Pegas is perfectly suited for young families.

He then went on that the new Kia is a practical vehicle that offers a superb mix of space, comfort and the latest technologies, adding that it is an important new model that will enhance Kia’s diverse line-up and further strengthen the image of the brand.

Kim went on to say that with the newest addition to the brand now going on sale within the UAE, Kia can now offer its customers a wider choice than ever of high-quality motor vehicles.

The Kia has a one-of-a-kind stylish design, with bold character lines and sculpted body panels being complemented by the balanced sedan outline and memorable colour palette, as well as an aerodynamic front.

The vehicle also has deep bumpers incorporating air curtain intakes in all corners, together with a big trapezoidal air intake and a ‘tiger-nose’ grille that carries on into the headlamps, further adding to the sense of stability and width.

The vehicle’s profile when seen from the side provides a silhouette that is finely balanced, with definitive character lines providing a sense of motion even when the car is still, and the vehicle’s length is also visually enhanced by the sloping tailgate and relatively lengthy wheelbase.

The back of the vehicle is notable for its sedan tailgate, with a pair of attractive rear combination lamps and a sporty but still subtle ducktail profile to the trunk lid’s trailing edge.

The Pegas comes with an option of up to as many as seven different paint colours, though it is not yet clear what colours will be available in the UAE.

The vehicle runs on 14-inch aluminium alloy or steel wheels, while occupants are offered maximum convenience and space within the car, and clear, ergonomic buttons enhance ease of use.

Anyone who is intending to buy or drive the new Kia Pegas Sedan or any other kind of motor vehicle in the UAE will need to take out car insurance before they can legally do so.

Car insurance is a way for drivers to protect their vehicles, their passengers, themselves and other drivers and cars on the road from the financial consequences of accidents and injuries.