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UAE to welcome new car registration centre

Rafid Vehicle Solutions is to launch a new project that will include the opening of a new car registration centre in the United Arab Emirates.

Rafid is affiliated with one of the Sharjah Government’s investment branches, Sharjah Asset Management Company.

The news follows an agreement being made between Mobil Lubricants and Rafid.

A Rafid branch is set to open that will be able to register public vehicles and also provide integrated services such as maintenance in order to save customers time and money.

Rafid’s general manager Salem Saeed Al Midfa says that project approval has already been given, with details to follow at a later date.

Al Midfa also says that the Mobil Lubricants deal is to span a five-year period.

The deal is planned to offer the best services in regard to supplying maintenance workshops with oil.

This is of particular relevance after last August’s inauguration of the new Auto Express station branch, which was opened in Khor Fakkan.

The main station, which is situated in the company HQ in Sharjah, provides a maintenance service to the Sharjah Government’s whole fleet as well as other customers.

Al Midfa points out that the firm is extending the facility of replacing vehicle oils to the general public in addition to government agencies.

The service is carried out in accordance with global standards.

5,000 motor vehicles per month will be given the registration service, as well as a full examination and periodic maintenance.

These vehicles include 1,300 belonging to government departments, 1,350 taxis, and 1,700 that are the property of Sharjah Police, according to Al Midfa.

The director of Rafid’s accident unit, Abdul Rahman bin Kunun Al Shamsi, says that Sharjah Police cooperated with the recent launch of the road assistance service.

The service guaranteed road safety and provided malfunctioning vehicles with speedy response times.

Five primary services are provided, including displacement, charging batteries, refuelling, the transport of vehicles, and tyre replacement.

The road assistance service has resulted in Rafid transporting around 500 or 600 vehicles per month to confiscation yards.

These vehicles had either been fitted with speeding equipment, confiscated by UAE authorities, or involved in motor accidents.

The company has also been working on the development of a new smart application.

The application is intended to track a motor vehicle that has been involved in a car accident and offer driver assistance.

The app is able to register details pertaining to the accident, such as payment date, violation payment method, and the data of all involved parties.

The app is a timely reminder that accidents happen in the UAE as they do everywhere else, and underscores the need for car insurance.

It is actually a legal obligation to have car insurance on any of your vehicles in the UAE.

Car insurance is intended to provide financial protection in the event that you or your vehicle is involved in a car accident.

Car insurance can also cover damage to a third party and the theft of your vehicle.