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The 8 Craziest Supercars in Dubai That Will Blow Your Mind

Diamond Mercedes

There is no wonder in saying that Dubai and crazy supercars are synonyms of one another. Dubai is the most happening and glamorous one Emirate of UAE, hence this is the reason that all of the car enthusiasts and influencers in UAE have made Dubai their home because it is the place where supercars reign. It is not a common sight to spot a supercar driving right next to you almost every day but when in Dubai, be prepared for such sightings frequently! Here are the top 8 craziest supercars you can spot in Dubai.

  1. Diamond Coated Mercedes Benz SL600

If you think Mercedes Benz SL600 is a crazy supercar, then wait till you see it entirely covered with 300,000 Swarovski crystals! This $4.8 million car in Dubai is owned by the prince of UAE himself, Prince Alwaleed. He charges $1000 for anyone who would like to see the car. His highly famous diamond-coated Mercedes Benz has not been spotted much on the roads of Dubai, however, where in the world can one find such an expensive car as Mercedes Benz completely covered with Swarovski crystals other than Dubai?

  1. Batmobile

If you are wondering which car is Batmobile then let me remind you of the car which the fictional character of Batman owns in the Batman movie. Now you might be thinking that what is the Batmobile doing in this list of craziest cars in Dubai? So, here it is, a company named “Team Galag” came up with the crazy idea of manufacturing a replica of the fictional Batmobile car and where can one possibly sell this crazy creation? Dubai, of course! If you’re in luck then you can spot the Batmobile on the roads of Dubai. 

  1. Gold Lamborghini

Lamborghini cars are elegant, classy, and expensive. Mostly owned by the celebrities, Lamborghini is out of reach to afford by the average salaried person. In Dubai, a Lamborghini car can be frequently spotted, so in order to stand out from the crowd, someone in Dubai came up with the crazy idea of having a completely solid gold coated Lamborghini Aventador. The car is made from pure gold weighing in at 1,000 pounds. The gold coated Lamborghini cost a whopping $7.5 million with 55 pounds of solid gold used in its exterior design. 

  1. Lamborghini Veneno

Next in this list of craziest supercars in Dubai is another Lamborghini make, Lamborghini Veneno. This is one of the rarest Lamborghini cars in the world and out of the total four of these, Dubai got one bought by one wealthy car enthusiast. Lamborghini Veneno was launched by the company as a special edition car to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Lamborghini Veneno in Dubai was bought by the owner at a high price of $3.4 million. One should really love a car to invest that big of an amount in buying it but in Dubai, it is all possible. 

  1. McLaren 650S

When it comes to owning the craziest supercars in the world, Dubai not only tops the list of having some of the rarest and coolest supercars in the world but it is also always on the top in coming up with unique ideas. The McLaren 650S is a 3.8 liter Twin Turbo V8 supercar. They came with the insanely unique idea of partnering with Uber and the car-hailing app actually allowed its customers to enjoy a ride in the McLaren 650S just for the sake of a unique driving experience. Things as crazy as this only happen in Dubai!

  1. Bugatti L’Or Blanc

No list of craziest supercars can be completed without the mention of Bugatti in it and when we are talking about the supercars in Dubai, then Bugatti is a must! Bugatti L’Or Blanc was bought with a shining price tag of $2.5 by a resident of Dubai. The owner of the car went the extra mile and dared to make modifications to the already classy craftsmanship that Bugatti L’Or Blanc holds. The car has inlays of porcelain that are placed on it to remove the defects between the inlays. It turned out that the car looks even better now after being modified.

  1. Bugatti Veyron

One of the most beautifully designed cars ever made in the history of the automobile industry has to be the Bugatti Veyron. So, how should one not expect it to be owned by someone in Dubai? Bugatti Veyron is so much loved by the people and the government of UAE that they went ahead and added an expensive Bugatti Veyron in the fleet of the Dubai Police! Where else in the world would anyone expect to see a Bugatti Veyron driven by the police! Things didn’t end there. Just like McLaren, Bugatti also partnered with Uber and offered an experience of a lifetime to the car enthusiasts of Dubai to ride in a Bugatti Veyron. 

  1. Gold Nissan GTR

It seems the car lovers of Dubai are obsessed with decorating their cars with Swarovski crystals and gold because that being the reason we have another gold-coated car mention in this list. Nissan GTR entirely covered in pure gold was spotted at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The original price of the car without the gold plating was $65,000 which is raised to $1 million courtesy the gold paint which covers the car entirely. The car not only has a unique golden exterior, but it is also a 3.6 liter V6 twin-turbo car offering the comforts of a sedan with a sports car interior.