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Dubai Supercar Spotting

Dubai Supercar Spotting

There is no doubt in the fact that Dubai is the world’s supercars playground. When in Dubai, the probability of spotting a supercar driving right next to you is very likely than anywhere else in the world. Dubai is the richest Emirate of UAE and there are specific areas in the city where all the rich folks live. A Lamborghini or a Bugatti Veyron can be very easily spotted in such rich neighborhoods. However, if you do not want to end up looking like a car stalker, then, in that case, there are some cool public spaces all around Dubai where the owners of these supercars very often hang out flaunting their cars to the world. 

Here is a comprehensive list of all the places where you are highly likely to spot a supercar in Dubai.

JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence)

One of the most popular riches neighborhoods in Dubai is the Jumeirah Beach Residence. It also happens to be one of the favorite hanging out urban outdoor spaces with chic cafes and state of the art shopping arena in Dubai. JBR is extended into different residential blocks, however, for all the car lovers the main JBR Walk is the place to be to spot the beasts getting unleashed! One can spot the supercars at JBR at any day of the week, it does get crowded over the weekends and the chances of seeing a supercar at JBR are enhanced. Some of the commonly spotted supercars at JBR include Ferrari and Bugatti among others!

Dubai Marina

Not very far away from the Jumeirah Beach Residence is the Dubai Marina, another popular hanging out hotspot in the city. It is a big marina with a marina bay area connected with the Dubai Marina Mall. The place gets quite buzzing during the weekends with many dinner cruises starting to sail from the Marina and people can be found jogging, walking, or just relaxing around the area. There isn’t much space at the Dubai Marina like JBR for the supercar owners to flaunt their cars but on the weekends it is guaranteed that one will be in luck for spotting a couple of beasts at the Dubai Marina.

City Walk Dubai

Located in Downtown Dubai right adjacent to the mighty Burj Khalifa, the City Walk Dubai is a huge outdoor hanging out area filled with cafes and brand stores. It is one of the most happening areas in Dubai with something or the other always happening around. One day there can be an addition of a new graffiti wall while the other day there can be a belly dance show occurring right at the center of the City Walk, one can never get out of options of what to do there. The parking lot of the City Walk Dubai is a famous playground for the supercars. Car owners love to take their beauties on a ramp walk all around the huge parking lot for the curious onlookers and supercar lovers to treat their eyes!

Downtown Dubai

The prime hub of all things fancy, glamorous and expensive is the Downtown area of Dubai, which is also home to Burj Khalifa and many five to seven-star hotels. Downtown is busy and almost jam-packed with traffic at any given time of the day. Wealthy supercar owners or rich tourists who can afford to rent out a supercar definitely pass through Downtown as it is something that cannot be missed in Dubai. If you happen to drive around the Downtown during the evening hours or the weekends and public holidays, you will be surely in luck to spot quite a few supercars driving right next to you. Feel free to snap a few photos of the cars, the car owners really enjoy all that kind of attention.

LaMer Dubai 

LaMer Dubai is one of the best places to hang out in Dubai thanks to the happening and cool vibe of the place. It also happens to be the favorite hangout spot for all the Instagram lovers as the area offers abundant gram-friendly opportunities. It is a beach-front area with endless streaks of fine-dining, café style, and urban eateries. There is not enough space in LaMer for the supercar owners to flaunt their beasts apart from the single lane beach-facing road. It gets quite busy on the weekends and often there is an unannounced supercars rally which is a pure treat to watch!