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Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Flood Damage

Flooding isn’t a common occurrence in the UAE, however during times of heavy downpour it can and does happen. So what happens if flooding causes water damage to your vehicle, are you covered?

If you have third party or third liability insurance, then unfortunately the answer is likely to be no, you’re probably not covered.

Comprehensive cover will provide you with most amount of protection, however while some policies may state clearly that you are offered protection from eventualities such as flooding or damage sustained during storms, others don’t. So you must request this as additional coverage when you buy your car insurance.

Make sure you read the fine print
It is essential that you read the fine print when you sign for a new policy and ask for any add ons that you may require. This may increase the cost of your policy, but given that Dubai is prone to flooding following rainstorms in the first quarter of the year, it would provide you with peace of mind.

There have been cases in the past where insurance providers have dismissed claims to vehicle owners following damage to the cars caused by severe flooding based on simple technicalities.

What to watch out for
It is also important to consider any deductibles you may be liable to pay for in the event of flooding or water damage caused by natural disasters.

Ensure that you look into the excess fee that you may have to pay on a claim before the insurance company pays the rest. This fee can vary depending on your policy and may lead to you having to pay for expenses yourself with the insurance company paying nothing.

Ensuring eligibility for claim following a flood

Should your car be caught in a flood, then following these instructions will help ensure you remain eligible to make a claim:

  1. If your car is caught in water, do not turn on the ignition or make any attempt to push-start your car.
  2. If caught in a flooded area, avoid turning on the engine even after the water has subsided.
  3. Disconnect your battery and get your car towed to a garage where you should ask for your car to be rust proofed.
  4. Ensure that you check for full functionality of your brakes as these can be affected if water enters the brake lines, discs or pads.
  5. Check that the radiator fan is working.