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Salik – A Guide to Dubai’s Road Toll

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We answer everything you need to know about Salik, Dubai’s automated road toll collection system.

What is Salik?

Salik is Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) automated toll collection system. The word ‘salik’ means “open” or “clear”, which is a testament to the free-flowing system. You will not be required to stop your car at a booth or pay for a toll manually, allowing you to travel freely and efficiently at all times, due to the toll gate you drive through automatically scanning the Salik tag.

How to get a Salik tag

In order to use the highways in Dubai, you must have a Salik tag attached to the windshield of your vehicle. The following will guide you on how to get started:

  • Purchase a Salik tag either online at www.salik.gov.ae or at selected petrol stations: Emarat;
    EPPCO/ ENOC; or ADNOC. You may also buy a Salik tag from Dubai Islamic Bank or Emirates NBD Bank.
  • Once you have bought your tag, you will receive a confirmation of payment via SMS, along
    with your balance.
  • The tag will be activated upon receipt of this SMS (if you have bought your tag online, this
    will normally be delivered to you within 5 working days).
  • When you receive your tag, install it correctly on your windshield according to the

Things to remember:

  • Ensure that your correct information is used when your Salik tag is registered to the system.
  • The SMS you receive will also contain the account number and PIN for your Salik.
    If you do not receive the SMS within 10 working days you must activate your tag manually.

How much does Salik Cost?

To set up Salik, you will be charged Dhs100. This charge includes a charge of Dhs50 for the Salik tag itself, along with a prepaid credit amount of Dhs50 in your account, so that you’re ready to hit the road and pass through toll gates. The cost of passing through a Salik toll gate is Dhs4. Once you have used the majority of your Salik credit, you will get a text message or email alerting you that you need to top your balance up. You can top your balance up with a minimum of Dhs50.

How to recharge your Salik account

There are multiple easy ways to recharge your Salik account. You can set up your account to automatically recharge from your bank account, recharge online, download the Salik App onto your phone, purchase recharges at petrol stations or convenience stores such as Circle K or by text message (SMS).

How does Salik work?

Salik tollgates are equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which detects your vehicle and scans the tag affixed to your windshield each time you pass through a Salik toll gate.

There are currently 6 tollgates throughout Dubai:

  • Al Safa (Sheikh Zayed Road)
  • Al Barsha (Sheikh Zayed Road)
  • Al Garhoud Bridge (Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Al Maktoum Bridge (Umm Hurair Road)
  • Al Mamzar (Al Ittihad Road)
  • Airport Tunnel (Beirut Street)

What happens if you drive through a tollgate without SALIK?

You have 10 working days to purchase a tag and open a Salik account if you drive through a tollgate without sufficient credit in your account. Failure to replenish your balance within this given grace period will result in a fine of:

  • Dhs100 for the first day you drive through
  • Dhs200 for the second day
  • Dhs400 for each day thereafter

What to do if you lose or damage your Salik tag

Should your Salik tag sustain any damage, you must purchase a new tag to replace it as soon as possible.

In the event that your Salik tag is lost or stolen, you must deactivate it immediately as you will be liable for any tolls incurred by that tag. Remember, all your information is on there.

You can deactivate your tag via the following options:

  • Smart Salik App
  • www.salik.gov.ae
  • Phone the 24hr Salik seld-service on 800 Salik “72545” (choose 1 for English and follow the
  • Visit a Salik customer service location