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The Most Crazy UAE Cars | Insane Cars in Dubai

red sports car Dubai

To most travelers, the UAE is renowned for its tall skyscrapers, luxury resorts, and rich culture. But there’s another thing that adds to the glamorous lifestyle here – the cars. 

The UAE is home to some of the best cars in the world. It’s no rare instance to spot a sports car on the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In a place filled with half-a-million-dollar cars, it can be challenging to find ones that stand out. 

However, there are a few cars that are by no means the norm. These include gold-plated cars, diamond-encrusted supercars, electric vehicles, and more. Even the Dubai police have a fleet of sports cars. So without further ado, here are the most crazy UAE cars. 

12 Most Insane Cars in Dubai

From Dubai gold cars to large SUVs, the UAE is home to some spectacular rides. Here is a list of the 12 most insane cars you might see on the region’s skyscraper-lined highways. 

1.   Devel Sixteen 

The Devel Sixteen is a fitting name for this hypercar that was introduced at the Dubai Motor Show in 2013. It is a devil in itself, housing a V16 engine under its hood, which produces approximately 5,000hp. This is five times more powerful than a Bugatti Veyron or Chiron. 

It is no surprise that this is one of the fastest cars in Dubai, with a top speed of 348 mph (560 kph). This puts it with an elite group of vehicles, including the Koenigsegg and Pagani, competing to beat the 310 mph (500 kph) barrier. 

While it boasts some incredible stats, this car is still a prototype. Whether we will see the Devel Sixteen on the streets of Dubai is still unknown. But if we do, it is likely to come with a hefty price tag. 

Reports suggest a price of 5.9 million AED (1.6 million USD) to 8.1 million AED (2.2 million USD). The Devel Sixteen is also sure to exceed just about any car currently in existence. 

devel sixteen

2.   Range Rover by Coins Car

Nothing screams bling quite like this Range Rover by Coins Car. The large SUV sits covered by 57,412 coins, which adds an extra 375 lbs (170 kgs) to its already heavy frame. A motorist did this to pay tribute to Dubai’s royal family. Images of the Emirs are tinted on the car’s windows. 

This project was carried out by Coins Car, a company based in Dubai. The company is renowned for decorating cars with modern and antique coins. Each of the coins is polished by hand and glued onto the car’s surface, resulting in some of the most flashy rides around. 

The Range Rover is unique because of the sheer volume of coins embedded on its exterior. And this does not simply include coins from the UAE, but Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia too. 

3.   Rolls Royce 103EX

Rolls Royce has announced its innovative vision for the next 100 years. The motor company plans to introduce a range of state-of-the-art vehicles, each with its own shape, size, and silhouette. The first of their ‘vision’ vehicles is the Rolls Royce 103EX, also known as the ‘Vision Next 100’. 

The Rolls Royce 103EX was first seen in a video by automobile influencer Supercar Blondie, titled “Rolls Royce from the Year 2035!”. This offered a glimpse into the concept car, highlighting its futuristic features. 

The Vision Next 100 is set to be an all-electric, self-driving vehicle that doesn’t have a steering wheel. This way, passengers can relax on the sofa while “Eleanor”, a car’s virtual personal assistant and chauffeur, takes the wheel.

In addition to being fully autonomous, the Vision Next 100 is environmentally-friendly, ditching the gas-powered V12 engine for a fully-electric powertrain. It’s also pretty large, measuring 19.4 feet in length. As such, it’ll be hard to miss this futuristic sedan as it glides silently through the city streets. 

rolls royce close up

4.   Diamond Studded Mercedes Benz SL600

Another dazzling entry on this list is the diamond-studded Mercedes Benz SL600. The luxury car was unveiled at the Dubai Auto Show in 2007 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Mercedes Benz SL550. 

Reports suggest that the Mercedes is covered in 300,000 diamonds and was paid for by the billionaire Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal. It is suggested that the prince paid 17.8 million AED (4.8 million USD) for the car and charged people 3673 AED (1000 USD) just to touch it. 

Some reports suggest that the car was identified as a crystal-encrusted Mercedes SL600. The car was on display at the 2008 DUB Magazine’s Custom Auto Show & Concert and is worth around 3.67 million AED (1 million USD). 

As Prince Al Alwaleed Bin Talal is one of the richest people in the world, owning diamond-encrusted cars is something you might expect. However, to wrap a Mercedes SL600, the value of the diamonds should be well in excess of 17.8 million AED. The prince’s company, Kingdom Holdings, also issued a statement stating that he never purchased the car. So the value and owner remain a mystery! 

5.   Gold Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghinis are among the most expensive sports cars in the world. However, in the UAE, these are almost the norm. But one thing that is not the norm is a Lamborghini made from solid gold. 

The Lamborghini Aventador was created by Robert Gulpen Engineering in Germany. It was carved from a 1,100-pound (500 kg) block of gold with various other precious metals being used for the finer details. 

The solid gold Lamborghini currently is valued at a whopping 27.5 million AED (7.5 million USD) and holds the Guinness World Record for “the most expensive model car”. While the owner of this outrageously expensive vehicle remains unknown, you can view it at the Dubai Showroom. 

gold lamborghini

6.   Bugatti L’Or Blanc 

So we’ve already seen coin-covered, solid gold, and diamond-encrusted Dubai cars – but what’s next? A porcelain car, and a Bugatti at that. 

If the original Bugatti Veyron wasn’t spectacular enough, a businessman in the UAE had one custom-made from porcelain. The unique exterior gives off an alluring color, sometimes resembling white, and other times blue. And to add to its beauty, it has a white and gold interior and a number plate covered in diamonds. 

To add to the car’s luxurious status, the Bugatti L’Or Blanc is valued at 8.8 million AED (2.4 million USD). This hefty price is fitting, given the car’s immaculate craftsmanship. Dubai car enthusiasts can agree that this Bugatti is truly one-of-kind.

bugatti steering wheel

7.   Lykan Hypersport

If you’re a fan of the Fast and Furious movies, then chances are you’ve seen the Lykan Hypersport. It is seen in one of the franchise’s most infamous scenes, where Dominic Toretto launched the car across three skyscrapers in Dubai. 

Outside of the Fast and Furious world, seven of these incredible hypercars exist. It is made by W Motors, a company from Dubai. 

One Lykan Hypersport appears among Dubai’s extravagant fleet of police cars. The car boasts a 0-60-mile time of 2.8 seconds. This is thanks to the 3.7-liter engine that produces 740hp, allowing the car to hit a top speed of 240 mph (386 kmph). With such incredible power and speed, even the fastest criminals can’t get away from this machine. 

The Lykan Hypersport is a contender for the most expensive car in Dubai. Should you wish to own one of these, you can expect to pay  no less than 12.5 million AED (3.4 million USD). 

8.   Gold Plated Nissan GT R

The Nissan GT-R is a powerful vehicle and is well known by its nickname “Godzilla”. The car is a favorite amongst car enthusiasts around the world and costs around 312,000 AED (85,000 USD). 

However, in Dubai, there is a Nissan GT-R that is plated with solid gold. As you can expect, it also comes with a hefty price tag, coming in at over 3.7 million AED (1 million USD). 

The unique car was built in Japan by Kuhl Racing. Adding to its stunning visuals are the striking patterns created by expert engraver Takahiko Izawa. 

In addition to the beautiful design, the car’s performance was enhanced. The gold-plated Nissan’s 3.6-liter V6 twin-turbo, aerodynamic features, and perfectly balanced chassis and suspension make it a beast on the roads. 

The Nissan GT-R was displayed at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Following this, inquiries about buying the vehicle came in quickly from the elites of the Middle East. 

nissan gt r

9.   Brabus G700

One of the many things the UAE is renowned for is its incredible off-road terrains. So much so that off-road driving has become a popular activity and attraction. 

In 2013, Mercedes introduced a monstrosity of a vehicle known as the Brabus G700. The six-wheel-drive car weighs in at an impressive four tons and features a 700hp V8 twin-turbo engine. 

The German car has a top speed of 150 mph (240 mph). It can also go from 0 to 62 mph in just 7.2 seconds, even on off-road terrains. 

Because of its incredible capabilities, the Brabus G700 is one of the most widely bought SUVs in the UAE. To purchase one of these crazy cars, you can expect to pay close to 3 million AED (800,000 USD). 

car on sand dunes

10.   Amphibious Cars

The UAE is home to several amphibious cars. At first, these were only seen in movies like James Bond. However, some of the richest people in Dubai have brought these to reality. 

The first few amphibious vehicles were created in 2015 for the owners of the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah. The Dubai vehicles resemble ordinary cars. However, they are capable of driving both on land and in water. The wheels of the vehicle retract, allowing it to glide across the water like a jet ski or speedboat. 

You’ll also find an amphibious vehicle that is able to “fly” underwater, providing a scuba diving experience. The unique vehicle reportedly cost around 5.5 million AED (1.5 million USD) to make, though the owner expects the retail price to come to less than that of a Rolls Royce. Regardless, this is still one of the craziest cars in the UAE. 

11.   Dubai Police Fleet

When it comes to cars, Dubai and Abu Dhabi go all out. This includes the cities’ police forces, which both boast an exceptional fleet of sports cars. Included in this police fleet are a number of supercars and hypercars. Included in this police fleet are a number of supercars and hypercars, from the Lamborghini Aventador to the famed Bugatti Veyron. 

The Bugatti Veyron was awarded the record for the world’s fastest police car in the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records. Other cars that the Dubai police bought for their fleet include the Mercedes McLaren F1, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, Ferrari FF, and the previously mentioned Lykan Hypersport. 

dubai police car

12.   Ferrari Limo

While Ferrari does not manufacture limousines, there are several of these vehicles found in various countries around the world. One of these countries is, of course, Dubai. 

Each of the limousines is built from the same model – the Ferrari Modena 360. And while it’s certainly longer than the original, the car does not sacrifice power. The Ferrari limo retains the V8 engine, which produces 400hp. As such, it is one of the fastest limousines in the world. 

Another unique feature of the Ferrari limo is the gull-wing doors which are seen on various Dubai sports cars, including the original Modena. But best of all, the limo accommodates up to eight passengers and is available for rent, though the daily fee is expected to be quite high. 

Summary on Dubai Craziest Cars

The UAE has produced some of the most creative cars in the world. From Dubai fast cars to vehicles that can ride on water, this list shows the limits of the world’s wealthiest cities. So next time you’re visiting this region, keep an eye out for these supercars as they race down Dubai’s superhighways or over its large dunes. 

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