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75% traffic fine discount for Dubai motorists

Dubai motorists are able to benefit from discounts of up to as much as 75% on accumulated traffic fines from Thursday thanks to a special initiative, according to an announcement from Dubai Police.

The third phase of the discount initiative on traffic fines, which was first launched nine months ago back in February, has now been implemented.

On Thursday, Dubai Police posted on its Twitter account that motorists who have not committed further traffic violations since 7th February will be able to access a 75% discount on previous fines.

The new initiative is aimed at encouraging drivers to clear previous offences and hopefully improve their future driving.

Motorists who do not commit further offences from 6th February for three months are entitled to a 25% discount under the initiative, while a 50% discount on accumulated traffic fines is available to those who do not do so for six months.

However, there is a possible discount of 75% for motorists who commit no more offences for nine months, and the figure could rise to 100% for those who are able to avoid committing another offence for a full year.

The director of the Federal Traffic Council in the United Arab Emirates, Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, has previously said that the results of the initiative are impressive.

Al Zafein made the comments following the revelation that the number of deaths on the roads in Dubai had fallen by 15% as of August 2019.

Dubai Police say that the number of deaths since the launch of the initiative in February up until 23rd August was just 23 in comparison to 27 during the same time period in 2018.

As many as 425,371 motorists have already benefited from the 50% discount – essentially 25% of all drivers in Dubai – according to Dubai Police.

The number of traffic fines being issued has also fallen by 2% in comparison to 2018 following the launch of the initiative.

The largest demographic to benefit from the initiative has been Indian drivers, according to the Dubai Police Traffic Department’s acting director Colonel Jumaa Bin Suwaiden.

As many as 95,866 Indian drivers have been granted the 50% discount, statistics show.

Bin Suwaidan says that the initiative gives drivers more motivation to stick to the rules so that they can receive the discount.

Motorists can register their vehicles during the initiative without having to pay any existing traffic fines in Dubai, though this is not the case in other emirates.

The potential discount of 100% is applicable to all cars that are registered within Dubai as long as the driver has abided by all traffic regulations and laws and committed no violations for the year beginning on 6th February 2019.

All drivers in the UAE are required to be covered by car insurance by law.

Car insurance is also an invaluable way for drivers to guard against adverse financial conditions that can result from car theft or road accidents.