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Dh1,000 won by UAE motorists in safety drive

On Tuesday, ten road users in the United Arab Emirates became the surprise winners of the Shell GoldStar Contest, which rewards safe drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. 

The ten winners, all of whom were in Dubai, received a prize of Dh1,000 apiece. 

Another ten winners were selected on Monday, and ten winners from Sharjah will be chosen on Wednesday. 

Syeed Bin Essa, an Indian sales executive, was pulled over on Tuesday after entering the parking lot of Spinneys supermarket on Al Wasl Road. 

The 33-year-old initially thought that he must have done something wrong, and thought that it was a joke at first when he was told that his safe driving had won him Dh1,000.

Bin Essa says that he was told that he had been observed and had followed all road rules, which was why he had won the prize. 

Tuesday’s winners were also given a certificate in addition to the cash prize.

In the same parking lot on the same day, Martin Smith, a tourist from the UK, was equally surprised to be directed to park his vehicle by officials from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police. 

The 39-year-old project manager, who works in the construction industry, had heard on the radio about the GoldStar contest but was still surprised to find himself on camera and being given an award. 

Smith notes that being responsible while operating a motor vehicle is second nature to him as such activity is rigorously policed in his home country.

The contest, which runs for a total of three days, was also held earlier in April this year.

Shell and the RTA in Dubai collaborate on the contest together with Ciel Marketing & Events and Sharjah Police. 

Oman Insurance, Gulf NewsWheels magazine, Porsche Centre Dubai and Friday magazine also support the campaign.

Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who follow good road safety habits are rewarded with cash prizes by the Shell GoldStar Contest.

Drivers are chosen for the award if they follow a number of road safety practices such as not using mobile phones while driving, making use of child safety seats, observing the speed limit, using seatbelts, lane discipline and using indicators. 

The RTA’s senior manager of traffic awareness Deema Hussein says that it is good for drivers to be given reminders that being careful while on the roads of the UAE can have positive results. 

Hussein says that the RTA is happy to support the Shell GoldStar Contest as it reaches out to a larger variety of road users. 

Road safety is an important issue, and one of the factors associated with it in the UAE is car insurance. 

Car insurance is actually a legal requirement in the UAE, but it is a good thing for all motorists.

Car insurance protects motorists from the consequences of car theft and motor accidents, with third-party insurance paying for the cost of repairs to damages to other vehicles in the event that you are the cause of such an accident.