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Best affordable luxury cars in UAE

If you want to buy a used luxury car in the United Arab Emirates on a budget of no more than Dh10,000, the good news is that there are actually a surprising number of desirable options. 

It is important to be aware of precisely what kind of vehicle you want, and to do plenty of research. 

However, if you approach individual sellers with serious instant payment offers, many will be willing to depart from their original asking price in order to secure a quick sale. 

No used car should be bought before undergoing a thorough inspection, of course.

The likes of the engine, transmission, head gasket, A/C compressor and chassis all need to be in good working order before you pay anything. 

One of the best luxury vehicles that can be purchased for under Dh10,000 in the UAE is the Mercedes-Benz S Class 300 SE.

In regard to luxury vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz S Class is top of the class. 

For those on a slightly smaller budget than the average movie star, this vehicle may still be in the realms of affordability in the form of the W140 S Class. 

This vehicle was a marvel of technical innovation when it was launched back in 1991 and has remained so nearly three decades later. 

The model comes with many facets that were ahead of its time, including climate control, double-glazed windows and self-closing doors. 

A used version that is still in good working order and with 150,000 to 300,000 kilometres on the clock can still be bought in the UAE for around Dh10,000. 

A model that comes with Japanese specs would be a particularly good buy, as used vehicles from that country are usually in excellent condition.

This is because such cars tend to come with low mileage thanks to Japan’s high parking fees, excellent public transport options, and strict emissions and quality control norms. 

These vehicles are often exported to hubs for re-exports such as Dubai, which is where many of the greatest examples of this model can be located. 

Another of the best affordable used luxury cars to be found in the UAE is the Lexus LS400.

This was the first vehicle to be developed by the luxury division of motoring giant Toyota and is arguably one of the top 10 greatest cars ever produced. 

The vehicle was actually intended to be a rival to the W126 S Class. 

The LS400 came with extraordinary build quality, comprising superb-quality materials and an amazingly smooth drive. 

However, the LS400 also comes with the factor that used car buyers want more than anything: reliability. 

Toyota has a long history of producing vehicles that are durable and easy and cheap to repair in the rare instances that they do break down. 

An LS400 model that is even moderately well maintained will be the most reliable luxury vehicle that you will be able to find in the UAE for under Dh10,000. 

All buyers of used vehicles will need to take out car insurance coverage to be able to drive them in the UAE. 

Car insurance protects the coverage holder from financial issues connected with motor vehicles such as theft and damages.