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MY INFINITI customer program introduced by Arabian Automobiles

Arabian Automobiles, the exclusive INFINITI dealer for Dubai and AW Rostamani Group’s flagship firm, has introduced a new global customer program known as MY INFINITI.

The firm has long put customers at the centre of its campaigns and initiatives, and MY INFINITI is no exception. It intends to enhance customer convenience, service retention, brand loyalty and the complete service experience.

The company is proud to be able to reciprocate customer commitment and loyalty, according to the Arabian Automobiles CEO, Michel Ayat.

Ayat says that the company consistently tries to surpass the expectations of its customers and that the MY INFINITI program will provide intuitive services intended to give customers peace of mind.

The new program will also increase INFINITI’s market position as it continues to make the comfort of its customers its priority.

The MY INFINITI program is to be the umbrella of all new retention programs that are set to become the company’s worldwide standards.

There are four primary initiatives at the heart of the MY INFINITI program aimed at boosting customer comfort and happiness.

One of those initiatives is the Vehicle Pick-up and Drop Service.

This prevents customers from having to drive their cars to an INFINITI service centre.

They can instead book online or by phone and have their car picked up by the INFINITI service team and then returned later on.

Vehicle Service Status Notification is another of the initiatives.

This allows customers to be sent SMS notifications automatically regarding their vehicle’s status at every stage of servicing, from booking and vehicle inspection through to technical inspections and the completion of the service.

Another service is E-vision, which sends customers via email or SMS a copy of the completed inspection report, including photos of the components or parts that need to be replaced or repaired.

The fourth initiative is Owners Benefits, which allows INFINITI drivers to take advantage of the attractive service contracts offered by Arabian Automobiles.

These offers include savings of up to as much as 30% on regular maintenance service costs as well as a five-year unlimited mileage warranty.

There has long been a multitude of reasons why car buyers choose an INFINITI vehicle, and the MY INFINITI program offers an even greater degree of first-class customer service.

Interested parties in the United Arab Emirates should get in touch with their nearest Arabian Automobiles INFINITI centre to explore all the possibilities and take a test drive.

Arabian Automobiles has been in the car business for half a century and is one of the GCC’s leading car dealers.

It is also the exclusive distributor of INFINITI, Renault and Nissan vehicles in the Northern Emirates and Dubai.

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