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Does your UAE car insurance cover winter weather damage?

The winter months are beginning in the United Arab Emirates.

Although the colder weather can be a welcome relief for residents, the cooler temperatures can sometimes cause problems for the nation’s motor vehicles.

Heavy rainfall and even occasional hailstorms can rather ruin the enjoyment of winter if your vehicle is pounded by hail or ends up being flooded.

The damage can be costly, and the question that most people want to know is, will it be covered by UAE car insurance?

There are a number of ways that extreme weather conditions in the UAE can damage a vehicle.

Hail can cause damage to the bonnet, boot and roof of a car, and repair costs can vary from Dh500 to as much as Dh1,500 depending on the vehicle’s size, the extent of the damage, and the cost of the kind of paint involved.

Flooding can cause damage to the computer in a vehicle’s circuit system.

In the event that the computer needs to be completely replaced, the cost will depend on whether the replacement can be found on the second-hand market or has to be obtained from the official dealer.

Second-hand computers in the UAE can still cost at least Dh500.

The most expensive form of damage that a car can suffer is engine damage.

The costs associated with engine damage can also vary depending on the vehicle type as well as whether or not a replacement can be obtained from the official dealer.

Flooding can also cause upholstery to smell badly, and a full clean-up can end up costing as much as around Dh500.

Almost all insurance companies in the UAE offer coverage that includes ‘natural perils’ such as storms, flooding and hailstorms.

However, with pared-down insurance policies such as third-party insurance, this coverage will most likely not be part of the package, so concerned customers may need to have it added on as an extra benefit.

This may seem like just another added expense, but it is a good idea to include it with your car insurance coverage given that stormy weather in the UAE is now on its way.

There are also some ways that car owners can help to try to safeguard their vehicles from winter weather.

One good tip is to exercise extra caution when parking a car.

Try to pick a parking spot that comes with extra elevation so that there is less chance of water being able to collect around the vehicle.

It is a good idea to make regular checks of your car when it is raining, regardless of whether you are at work or at home.

Cars can become surrounded by water surprisingly quickly.

It is also inadvisable to speed on roads that are waterlogged, as it means that water is unnecessarily splashed around and can even get into the vehicle’s air filter, which can result in a breakdown.

If the car does break down, do not try restarting the engine, as this just allows more water to get into the engine.

Talk to your car insurance company to check if you have paid for winter weather coverage.