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UAE Police warn of car music fine

Playing loud music from your motor vehicle will do more than just annoy your neighbours – it will also incur a hefty fine, Abu Dhabi Police have warned.

Drivers who ignore the needs of other people and play incredibly loud music could be charged and given four black points and a fine of Dh400 under the United Arab Emirates’ Federal Traffic Law.

Motorists in the UAE have been warned against using their cars in a way that disrupts other people, and residents have been urged by police to report such incidents on their hotline.

Abu Dhabi Police have spread the message to raise awareness to make sure that people who live in residential areas are unaffected by noisy disruptions at night-time, as well as to ensure peace and quiet between neighbours.

There is also a zero tolerance policy in the UAE in regard to reckless driving, and anyone who is caught performing street racing will have legal action taken against them.

Campaigns are carried out all year long to try to educate younger drivers on how dangerous it can be to modify and change car parts, drive recklessly and endanger the lives of other drivers as well as pedestrians.

Reckless driving will result in a heavy fine of as much as Dh2,000 in addition to 23 black points and the impounding of the car concerned for as long as 60 days.

If the engine or chassis of a vehicle has been modified without proper authorisation, a fine of Dh1,000 and 12 black points will be incurred and the car will be impounded for a 30-day period.

Community service such as having to clean public streets may also be enforced as a method of punishment in some cases.

Drivers should also avoid the excessive use of car horns, particularly when close to schools and hospitals, and they should not use them as an intimidation tactic against other motorists as this can cause confusion and result in accidents, according to Abu Dhabi Police.

Fines of up to Dh400 can also be slapped on drivers who fail to inform other road users when they are intending to slow down or change lanes or if there is an upcoming emergency on the road ahead.

Cars come with a number of different signalling devices, including brake lights, headlights, the car horn, indicators, hazard warning lights and the reversing light.

Motorists make use of these signalling devices in order to communicate their intentions to fellow drivers.

Indicator lights are the colour of amber and are located at the back and front of all vehicles.

Indicators are used to indicate when a driver is either changing their direction or moving onto an intersection.

Anyone who drives a motor vehicle in the UAE is also under a legal obligation to be covered by at least a basic form of car insurance.

Car insurance ensures financial safety in the event of motor vehicle theft or a car accident that results in damage to the owner’s vehicle or those of other road users.