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Dubai Police warn against undesignated crossings

Pedestrians in Dubai have been reminded to always abide by traffic laws and to not cross roads within undesignated areas for their own safety and to also avoid picking up fines.

Authorities have taken to their social media sites to issue the warnings, advising people to stick to zebra crossings, bridges and underpasses as jaywalking can often result in accidents that can cause serious injuries and even death. 

Someone caught crossing in an undesignated area can be fined as much as Dh400, and the same penalty also applies to pedestrians who do not comply with traffic lights when crossing the road. 

The warning by Dubai Police was made as part of an intensified awareness and inspection campaign specifically aimed at jaywalkers. 

On zebra crossings with traffic lights, pedestrians should only walk when the light turns green, and they should make sure they go slightly quicker to reach the other side if the signal switches to red or begins to blink while they are half-way across. 

For crossings without traffic lights, walkers should only try to cross when they are sure they can get across the entire road.

One good tip is to attempt to make eye contact with vehicle drivers so that they will be sure to notice you on the road.

It is important to be particularly vigilant when walking near a vehicle that is attempting to reverse, and you should always maintain a safe distance and keep in mind where the car will likely be moving to. 

Caution should always be exercised in parking spaces of all kinds. 

Parents and drivers alike should also keep an eye out for children as they see traffic in a different way, and their lack of experience of being around traffic and manoeuvring vehicles often makes it difficult for them to understand the way that it works and the danger that they may be in. 

Parents should make sure that their children do not play anywhere near reversing cars or in streets, particularly those that have a lot of heavy traffic. 

Pedestrians should always make use of pavements, and in the event that there are none, they should use the left side of the street to walk on so that the oncoming traffic is facing them, allowing them to keep it in view. 

It is also just as important for pedestrians to give the roads their full attention – in much the same way as it is dangerous for motorists to use a mobile phone at the wheel, pedestrians should also not be writing text messages or chatting on their devices when attempting to cross over. Not fully concentrating can have serious and even potentially fatal consequences. 

Accidents still happen even if everyone involved is doing their best to avoid them, so it is important for vehicle owners to take out car insurance in order to protect them from the financial liabilities often associated with an accident, whether it involves pedestrians, other vehicles, or even if there is no one else involved.