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UAE’s top 10 car portals

More than 70% of vehicles in the United Arab Emirates are over three years old, which means that the great majority of the nation’s car owners are continually searching for car portals in which to buy and sell vehicles, find spare parts and competent mechanics, or just talk about the problems they are experiencing with their cars. 

Even though the UAE has embraced the usage of social media to an extensive degree, many car owners with particular vehicle requirements still have to search for specialised car portals.

Friends are rarely experts on cars, many car businesses are poorly versed in issues related to motor vehicles, and online searches tend not to be specific to the GCC. 

There are a variety of common reasons as to why users sign up to the likes of Carnity in the UAE, according to a recent survey. 

36% joined the portal to search out car problems and their solutions, while 22% wanted to talk about buying a new car with industry experts, and 18% were looking for competent car businesses. 

14% wanted to learn or get to drive in an off-road club, while just 10% actually used the portal to look for vehicles that were for sale online. 

According to Amazon company statistics via Alexa, Carnity is at the top spot in the top 10 most engaging car portals in the UAE with 25 page/user.

Dubizzle is in second place with 10 page/user, and Yzermotors is in third place with 7 page/user.

The remainder of the top 10 are Dubaicars.com at both fourth and fifth place, Getthat.com in sixth, Drivearabia.com in seventh, Yallamotor.com in eighth, Autotraderuae.com in ninth, and Motoraty.com at number ten. 

The growth of Carnity is a clear reflection of the confidence of motor vehicle owners within the UAE. 

Carnity is focused on the engagement of motor vehicle owners across all of the user experience.

It offers expert advice, ratings and reviews for those looking to buy a new car; the best articles and blogs on car care, maintenance and safety from thousands of car owners in the UAE; and the best car accessories, spare parts and workshops with discounts. 

Carnity also offers users the ability to find solutions to any car issues in motor vehicle forums with the assistance of more than 17,000 car experts and owners who are based in the UAE; to sell and buy cars via Carnity Classifieds; and to drive with the best off-road, brand and muscle car clubs in the UAE. 

The automotive landscape in the UAE is more competitive than ever, with lucrative offers being made by a multitude of car brands, and car owners who want to fix problems or just make informed decisions are increasingly turning to car portals. 

Car owners in the UAE are being inspired by Carnity’s proven ability to offer a healthy user engagement base that can provide just that. 

Anyone looking to purchase a new or used car in the UAE will need to take out car insurance to comply with the nation’s laws.