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Emirates NBD and Galadari Automobiles offer vehicle finance solution

Galadari Automobiles, Mazda’s exclusive distributor within the United Arab Emirates, joined forces with Emirates NBD to create a finance solution for valued customers for a limited time.

Last week, from 31st January to 1st February, the Galadari Automobiles Mazda Showroom, which is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, hosted a two-day sales event.

The showroom had already experienced more customer engagement and footfall than was the case in 2019, and all customers who booked an eligible Mazda car at the event were rewarded with a free iPhone 11 Pro.

Customers also received a service package that lasts either for three years or 60,000 kilometres, special trade-in deals, and insurance coverage for 12 months.

Those who booked the car at the sales event were also given a guaranteed gift of participation in the Spin & Win Contest, which allows buyers to receive high-end services from the company’s Ziebart Auto detailing centre free of charge.

Galadari Brothers Automotive Division CEO Axel Dreyer says that the firm had a great year with double-digit growth in 2019, and he wants this level of performance to continue this year.

With Expo 2020 Dubai on the way, the enormous influx of visitors headed to the UAE is expected to be of great benefit to the nation’s automotive industry, according to Dreyer.

There is more competition in the UAE automotive retail environment and distributors have to create more customised solutions to ensure that customers receive a premium car ownership experience with zero hassle.

Events such as the two-day show provide customers with one-stop solutions with spot approvals and easy documentation.

Dreyer says that the synergy between the team at Galadari Automobiles and the team at Emirates NBD makes it simpler to go through the process of owning a motor vehicle.

The show was also a big event for Galadari Automobiles because of its new 2020 models, as well as the showcasing of its SUV line-up and the all-new Mazda3.

The relationship between Galadari Automobiles and Mazda is nearly 50 years old now, according to Galadari Brothers director and group CEO Mohamed Yahya Kazi.

Last year’s launch of the Mazda3 saw Mazda moving towards a more premium segment, making it vital for Galadari Automobiles to ensure that the premium customer experience can match the premium product portfolio.

Galadari Brothers, and particularly its Automotive Division, is continuing with the mapping out and refining of the customer journey by offering a world-class experience at a number of touch-points via infrastructure enhancement and digital transformation.

Kazi offered his congratulations to Emirates NBD and his company’s Automotive Division for creating initiatives that have customer convenience and the overall customer experience at their heart.

The trade-in deals at the event included all brands, Dreyer added.

Anyone driving a motor vehicle in the UAE needs to take out car insurance.

Car insurance offers financial protection from damages caused to the vehicle concerned and other vehicles in the event of accidents.