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Awnic launches auction portal on new e-commerce site

One of the leading insurance firms in the United Arab Emirates, Al Wathba National Insurance Company (Awnic), has launched a new e-commerce site that comes with faster services and an online salvage car auction system.

The UAE Insurance Authority recently recognised Awnic as the leading business in regard to adapting technology, giving it the Digital Transformation & Smart Services Award.

Winning the award for two consecutive years from an industry regulator represents an invaluable acknowledgement of the unique initiatives being pursued by the company in a competitive market, says the CEO of Awnic, Bassam Chilmeran.

On Tuesday, Awnic launched its very first interactive site and mobile app, which allows customers to get its products online and also have motor claims digitally processed.

The company is proud to be ahead of the competition with smart services and is committed to continuing to pursue the journey of digital transformation, according to Chilmeran.

He says that the firm wanted to give the general public a platform that the industry did not currently possess, and with the use of new technology developed in the last few years, has succeeded in opening new service channels.

These channels can be used to better facilitate transactions and enhance the overall user experience.

The Salvage Car Auction Portal is also offered by the new e-commerce site.

Although Salvage Car Auctions in the real world are a popular method of getting rid of vehicles that have suffered heavy damage, Awnic is one of the few insurers in the UAE to offer similar services online.

Potential buyers and bidders will be able to perform online registration in order to look at Salvage Cars, arrange onsite surveys, and review condition reports before they begin bidding.

A variety of digital initiatives that are likely to be game-changers are being launched by Awnic, with its mobile application undoubtedly being the most popular.

The Awnic App allows anyone with a smartphone to receive a quotation and be able to review or buy a vehicle, yacht or home and report claims while accessing a number of services in mere minutes.

Similarly accelerated online services are also offered by the website.

Even those who are not customers of Awnic should download the app, according to the company’s chief operating officer Anas Mistareehi.

The platform is unique in the marketplace and has been created to offer immediate assistance to customers in a number of different situations such as annual car registration renewal, which many people leave to the last moment.

In such circumstances, the right policy can be purchased and an official confirmation received almost straight away with the use of the Awnic App.

Car registration is free of charge, and there are offers from the top brands in the UAE via the Awnic Privilege Program.

Anyone who buys and drives any form of motor vehicle in the UAE must obey the law and ensure that they are covered by at least a basic third-party car insurance policy.