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Possible extension for Dubai Police traffic fine discounts

The traffic fine discounts initiated by Dubai Police in the United Arab Emirates could be extended this year if the results of the initiative implemented in 2019 are seen as positive, according to an official.

In February 2019, an initiative was announced that enabled drivers to receive discounts on any traffic fines they may have incurred provided that they committed no further traffic-related offences.

A 25% discount would be received by motorists if they committed no further offences for three months, going up to 50% for six months, and then 75% for nine months, and finally a full discount for a year.

The deputy director of Dubai Police’s Traffic Department, Colonel Jumaa Bin Suwaidan, says that a study is to be conducted to examine the success of the initiative with a view to having such discounts extended if the results are positive.

Bin Suwaidan says that a meeting has been held with the chief of Dubai Police in regard to the initiative and that a decision as to whether it should be extended will be made after they have carried out the study, but initial indications are very positive.

The number of road accidents and associated casualties has reduced markedly since the launch of the initiative.

Drivers who have committed no traffic offences for a whole year will be able to access a 100% discount from today, a full year after the launch of the scheme.

Bin Suwaidan says that the discount gives motorists more of an incentive to obey traffic rules so that the discount is available to them.

A total of 425,271 drivers have been able to benefit from the 50% discount on traffic fines already, according to Dubai Police.

A further 65,000 drivers have been able to enjoy the 75% discount.

Drivers will still be able to access their discounts even after the initiative comes to an end today, according to Bin Suwaidan.

Dubai motorists are also able to register their vehicles without having to pay their fines during the initiative, but that exemption does not apply to other emirates.

The 100% discount is applicable to all Dubai-registered vehicles, on the condition that the driver has obeyed all traffic regulations and laws and commits no more violations for a full year.

However, Salik and parking fines are not counted as traffic offences, so are not included as part of the initiative.

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