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Etisalat joins forces with Cubic Telecom

On Wednesday, it was announced that Etisalat, the telecoms company established over four decades ago in the United Arab Emirates, has entered into a new partnership with Cubic Telecom, which is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Etisalat, the headquarters of which are in Abu Dhabi, offers solutions to over 148m subscribers in no less than 16 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The new partnership between the two firms will allow drivers and their passengers in the UAE to take advantage of mobility applications such as music streaming, telematics, road assistants and onboard content.

The move will ultimately allow the way to be paved for the launching of multi-model 5G-based transport solutions.

Pat Breen, the Minister for Trade, Business and Employment in Ireland, attended the Middle East trade mission for the announcement of the deal, which was organised by Enterprise Ireland.

Breen says that he is thrilled to be leading the UAE trade mission to support the expanding bilateral trade relationship that Ireland has with the country.

Breen adds that Cubic Telecom contributes to Ireland’s reputation for innovation with its forward thinking, and the country’s reputation is only being further strengthened by the high quality of Irish firms operating in this competitive sector in the UAE.

The two firms’ solution is to go live next year thanks to the Cubic Telecom global software platform known as Pace, which offers automotive manufacturers software features that meet industry standards.

These features also comply with all telecom, data security, business and internet regulations in the UAE.

New car models being sent to the UAE from next year are legally required to feature eCall functionality.

This ensures that transport authorities are notified in the event of an emergency in order to try to cut down on response times.

The chief commercial officer of Cubic Telecom, Gerry McQuaid, says that the partnership represents a big milestone for his company because of Etisalat’s reputation as an innovator across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Etisalat is also one of the main drivers of digital transformation in the region.

McQuaid says that the partnership has resulted in the creation of connected car capabilities that are a first for the industry and comply fully with all local regulations.

A comprehensive programme of global compliance is operated by Cubic Telecom to make sure that its OEM customers are able to safely market products throughout their worldwide markets.

The collaboration between the two companies also means that Cubic Telecom can provide those customers with all of the benefits associated with Pace by seamlessly deploying the technology in the vital UAE market.

Etisalat’s senior vice president for small and medium businesses Esam Mahmoud says that the new partnership fits with the company’s strategy of empowering societies by pushing forward the digital future.

The aim is to digitally transform lives and businesses in the nation via the latest technology.

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