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UAE police issue traffic warning to rule flouters

A stern warning has been issued by police in the United Arab Emirates for motorists intending to have their cars decorated for the nation’s 48th National Day.

Hefty fines will be imposed against anyone who is caught flouting traffic rules.

Abu Dhabi Police announced on Thursday that police monitoring is going to be intensified via the dispatching patrols, radars and smart system throughout the tunnels and roads in Al Ain, the Al Dhafra region and Abu Dhabi itself.

Abu Dhabi Police say that any car that is caught being driven in a way that endangers other vehicles, or that is engaged in any kind of racing activity on the roads of the emirate, will see the vehicle confiscated and a fine of Dh2,000 issued.

12 traffic points will also be imposed on the driver of the vehicle.

Motorists will also be given a fine if they are found driving a car that is excessively noisy, or if the engine of the vehicle is found to have been modified in order to either increase its noise level or its speed.

Motorists in Abu Dhabi have also been given a deadline in regard to the length of time that decorations for National Day can be kept up.

Police have confirmed that this year’s decorations should be displayed only from 25th November to 6th December.

The Central Operations Sector’s director of traffic and patrols directorate Brigadier-General Mohammad Dahi Al Humairi has urged motorists in the UAE to obey traffic laws and set reasonable limits for their participation in the country’s celebrations.

Al Humairi added that motorists also need to give their full cooperation to traffic police in place where the celebrations are being staged.

Meanwhile, police in Fujairah and Ajman have stated that cars can only be decorated for National Day celebrations from 28th November to 5th December, and that everyone should follow traffic rules and behave in an orderly manner while driving.

Official rallies are the only rallies that will be permitted to take place on public roads.

To take part in any official rally, motorists will need to get a permit via the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols.

The flag of the UAE can be raised anywhere on the vehicle provided that the safety of anyone inside is not endangered.

Stickers can be placed on the side of the car.

However, it is not permitted to put stickers on the licence plate, and the number of passengers in the vehicle should not be more than the prescribed number.

Passengers are not permitted to stand on the car roof.

Any activity that disrupts traffic, including performing stunts with a motor vehicle, is not permissible.

Car owners should not change the colour of their cars, and licence plates need to be clearly visible.

Anyone driving on National Day or at any other time in the UAE needs to be protected by car insurance.

Car insurance ensures that drivers are not left financially devastated by incidents such as car accidents or theft.