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Expo 2020 number plates launched in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai will auction off the registration plates of motor vehicles branded after the conclusion of the Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition, it was revealed at the weekend.

In a press statement, the chief executive officer of the RTA Licensing Agency, Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, said that for the first time in two decades, the auction will be offering 20 licence plates with the code EXPO.

The code is, of course, named after the most important event in the United Arab Emirates next year, Expo 2020.

The executive director of the Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau, Najeeb Mohammed Al Ali, says that the Bureau appreciates the supportive efforts that are being made by the RTA to help with the hosting of an amazing World Expo.

Al Ali says that support from the RTA is invaluable as it has developed a variety of different projects that will provide millions of international visitors attending Expo 2020 with a unique and seamless transport experience.

The new plate numbers featuring the logo of Expo 2020 Dubai were decided upon in order to help to spread awareness of “the world’s greatest show”.

Al Ali cites the first ever World Expo back in 1851 as an example.

The first Emirati participation in a World Expo was nearly half a century ago in 1970, and the UAE won the bid to host the 2020 World Expo back in 2013.

Registration for the auction started on Sunday 22nd September, with bidding commencing at 4:30pm this coming Saturday, 28th September.

The auction is to be held at the InterContinental Dubai-Festival City Hotel.

Those who are interested in bidding on the Dubai Expo 2020 motor vehicle licence plates can register to attend the auction with any of the RTA Customer Happiness Centres located at Al Barsha, Deira and Umm Al Ramool, or online.

Registration is also to be made available at 2pm on the day of the auction.

Expo 2020 Dubai is to run for six months from 20th October 2020 to 20th April 2021.

The event is expected to attract up to as many as 25 million regional and international visitors to Dubai.

Around $40bn is set to be spent on major projects relating to the event by the Dubai government.

Anyone who is intending to purchase the special licence plates to use them on an actual vehicle they have bought or intend to drive will need to take out car insurance.

Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE and offers protection from drivers against a number of potentially devastating financial problems.

Car insurance protects drivers against issues that can be caused by the theft of their motor vehicle or the consequences of accidents.

There are a number of financial costs associated with accidents, including damage to your own vehicle or damage caused to a vehicle owned by another road user, for which you may be judged financially liable if the accident was your fault.