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Lotus Evija hypercar launched in Middle East

One of the leading automotive firms in the UK, Lotus, has unveiled its new hypercar, the Evija, at a number of exclusive VIP and media events in the Middle East.

The two-seater all-electric vehicle was revealed to invited guests at the Lotus retail outlet in Dubai by the director of Lotus Design, Russell Carr, and the CEO of Lotus Cars, Phil Popham.

At the event was the CEO of the UAE retail partner of Lotus, Adamas Motors’ Karl Hamer, as well as a number of other senior management figures from both firms.

Popham said that it was great to be back in the United Arab Emirates, even more so at the time of the debut of the Evija hypercar.

Popham added that the passion of the Middle East for performance models is well known and that it is a crucial market as new products continue to expand the Lotus brand significantly.

Popham added that the company is confident of the Evija’s appeal to customers in the Gulf state, and that the car has been developed for them and the local climate.

Prototype vehicles are now being tested in the real world to make sure that optimum performance will be delivered in all markets, he concluded.

Hamer said that Adamas Motors is delighted that customers in the UAE will have the chance to see the Evija so soon after its worldwide unveiling.

Hamer added that his company is proud to be operating in one of the world’s most forward-thinking nations.

The arrival of the hypercar in the UAE will also support the nation’s goal of focusing on sustainable technologies, according to Hamer.

Lotus Dubai opened almost one year ago, and is situated on the Sheikh Zayed Road in the emirate.

The state-of-the-art facility occupies 5,000 square metres of space and is able to showcase as many as 10 different performance models from the Lotus car range at a time.

The Evija will stay in the region for another few days and is set to complete a series of private showings and make an appearance at Lotus Cars Abu Dhabi.

Lotus Cars Abu Dhabi is situated at the Sheikha Salama Building on Zayed The First Street in Al Khalidiyah.

The Evija is seen as a technical tour de force and an illustration of the kind of ingenuity and innovative thought that has long been a fixture of Lotus.

The car is the most powerful series production road vehicle in the world with a 2,000 PS target output.

The Evija, which was designed and engineered in the UK, will be produced from next year at Hethel in England, which has been the company’s home base for more than 50 years since 1966.

Anyone who is intending to purchase and drive the Lotus Evija or any other motor vehicle in the UAE will be legally required to take out car insurance in order to be financially protected from the costs of potential accidents or theft.