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Expo Centre Sharjah gets new multi-storey car park

A new 86,328-metre multi-storey car park has been officially inaugurated by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). 

The new car park is able to accommodate over 1,300 vehicles. 

The car park is located near Expo Centre Sharjah’s main gate.

The facility, which is seven storeys in total, also features restaurants, coffee shops, retail outlets and a helipad and is intended to meet the needs of all visitors while preparing for the events that will be held there next year. 

The chairman of Expo Centre Sharjah and SCCI, Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, says that thousands of visitors come to the centre throughout the year, which could cause traffic jams.

This was one of the reasons for the decision to create an innovative new multi-storey car park with world-class parking bays that would be able to accommodate a large number of motor vehicles, Al Owais adds. 

The location of the new car park was also carefully selected to ensure that both the centre and its surrounding facilities were easily accessible, according to Al Owais. 

An extra parking area was just opened recently by the SCCI close to the centre’s back gate. 

This was one of the projects included in Expo Centre Sharjah’s expansion works. 

Expo Centre Sharjah’s chief executive officer Saif Al Midfa says that they are doing their best to ensure that visitors are given an experience that is truly unforgettable with their unmatched services. 

Al Midfa also says that as well as convenient parking, the new centre comes with all the latest devices and equipment, with advanced technical supplies to ensure improved performance. 

The centre has been able to strengthen its position as a hub for big events in the region, Al Midfa claims. 

The new facility’s innovative design makes it easier for vehicles to enter and exit the centre and provides many parking spaces close to the main gates. 

The building has also been equipped with solutions and technologies that are environmentally friendly to offer an efficient ventilation system to car owners and to cut down on energy consumption. 

A number of elevators have also been installed to make user movement easier within the centre. 

Safety and security measures were also factors that were taken into consideration, with the installation of surveillance cameras all over the facility as well as alarm and fire-fighting devices and security guards onsite 24/7.

Anyone who intends to park their car in the new parking facilities at the new Expo Centre Sharjah will need to have taken out car insurance in order to have driven their vehicle there in the first place. 

Car insurance is a legal requirement within the United Arab Emirates, but it also makes sense for anyone who owns a vehicle.

Basic compulsory third-party car insurance in the UAE provides cover in the event of injury or death caused to a third party in addition to any property damage.