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No ADNOC attendants fee from Sunday

From Sunday, all motorists will be given assisted fuelling free of charge at ADNOC Stations in the United Arab Emirates.

The former fee of Dh10 that applied to the ‘premium service’ being given by pump attendants will no longer apply as of 3rd November, according to authorities. 

In June 2019, the premium service was implemented by the company, allowing pump attendants to fill up cars with fuel in exchange for an additional Dh10.

ADNOC says that the decision to remove the fee and instead offer all motorists “free assisted fuelling” was made following customer feedback. 

Motorists who made use of the premium service also had the attendants clean the windscreens of their vehicles and check their tyre pressure. 

There was no premium service charge for people of determination or the elderly. 

Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, the acting CEO of ADNOC Distribution, praised the success of the recent marketing campaign regarding free assisted fuelling.

Al Rashdi says that it had both increased retail fuel volumes as well as the company’s understanding of the requirements of its customers. 

Al Rashdi says that with customer feedback also factored in, the Board of Directors gave their approval to the idea of offering all customers free assisted fuelling, to begin on Sunday. 

Al Rashdi expects that customers and investors alike will be very happy with the decision as it will only strengthen and aid the company’s ambitious aims for its volume growth targets and the expansion of its network. 

There will be no effect on divided policy or the company’s profitability because of a number of initiatives, including cost reductions, according to Al Rashdi. 

Almost 14,000 customers have given feedback to ADNOC Distribution via methods such as surveys and focus groups. 

Al Rashdi adds that the company continues to be committed to fulfilling promises to both local communities and its shareholders. 

A new loyalty programme referred to as ADNOC Rewards is to be launched by the company prior to the end of 2019 in order to further enhance the experience of customers. 

Egyptian motorist Mohammed Salim in Abu Dhabi says that the decision is a good one, noting that he had been reluctant to make use of self-service and had been paying for the premium service. 

Salim claims that the decision will help him to save on fuel. 

Another motorist, Filipino expat John Kenneth, adds that it had been inconvenient for him to have to leave his vehicle to fill it up at stations during the hotter months of the year in particular. 

Kenneth points out that self-service pumps also often have very long queues, but that the removal of the fee of Dh10 will mean free car fuelling by attendants for all.

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