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Free electric vehicle charging offered by SRTI Park

The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) in the United Arab Emirates is now offering owners of electric vehicles free charging of such vehicles as part of its strategy of sustainability while encouraging green transport.

The latest tech in vehicle charging systems has been adopted by SRTI Park with such cars growing in popularity in recent years and helping to improve the environment in comparison to petrol vehicles, says SRTI Park’s chief executive officer Hussain Al Mahmoudi.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are more environmentally sustainable than petrol or diesel cars, according to Al Mahmoudi, because they give off less air pollutants and greenhouse gases – this is even after their production and the required electricity being generated to run them.

No carbon emissions are produced when driving pure electric vehicles because they have no tailpipe, which mitigates an average number of 1.5m grams of CO2 over the course of just one year.

Sharjah has been able to make tremendous progress in this regard because of the sustainability vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah and Member of the Supreme Council.

Sharjah is now one of the region’s top cities with a clean energy focus, and SRTI Park continues to be committed to encouraging society and individuals to make use of sustainable transport in order to create a future that is more sustainable.

Earlier in 2019, SRTI Park began to experiment with operating a self-driving vehicle project within the organisation’s premises, and new projects that are in alignment with the self-driving mobility strategy of the UAE are likewise being undertaken.

SRTI Park plays host to the biggest companies that offer technological solutions for the use of clean energy in the modern world today.

SRTI Park wants to solidify its status as the link between a number of different sectors as well as being a platform in which the best modern technologies can be discussed in a way that aligns with the UAE Vision 2020 and enhances clean energy use.

SRTI Park is also aligned with the UAE’s Energy Strategy 2050 in relation to clean energy deployment in every field but particularly that of sustainable development, and ensuring that the nation’s sustainable development is achieved, according to Al Mahmoudi.

The initiative is intended to support the journey of Sharjah to become the region’s R&D hub, which was further encouraged last year with the launch of the Sharjah Innovation Economy Report.

The report put the emirate on the road to its envisaged future as a globalised city, a centre for the testing of technological innovations, and a world-class hub for innovation in general.

Anyone who buys and operates any motor vehicle, be it electric, hybrid or otherwise, still has to obey UAE law and take out at least a basic form of third-party car insurance.

More comprehensive car insurance options are also available for owners who want to insure their vehicles against theft or damage caused by bad weather.