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The Lykan Hypersport from W Motors

The last few decades have seen a number of countries in the Middle East become very opulent indeed because of the prime export from the region, natural gas, with the biggest instances being Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

One of the UAE’s biggest cities, Dubai, has also benefited and likes to spend that wealth on new projects, one of which is the development of supercars within the automotive industry.

Although Dubai has a couple of car manufacturers, by far the most successful is W Motors, which hit the big time seven years ago back in 2013 when it unveiled the Lykan Hypersport.

The hypercar, which appeared in the film Furious 7, the seventh film in the popular Fast & Furious movie franchise, entranced thousands of people in the UAE with its sharp angles, performance, luxury and classy design.

However, it was the engine that really drew attention, being a twin turbo-charged flat-six with more than 700 horsepower that came from RUF Porsche.

It was the first supercar produced in the UAE, giving Dubai its own provider of high-cost products rather than having to solely rely on imports.

The Lykan Hypersport is also notoriously expensive, and for good reason.

The car comes with diamonds and gems as well as the expensive materials that make up the framework of the vehicle.

Precious metals in the car include the likes of rose gold, sapphires, white gold and literally hundreds of real diamonds that are fixed in the vehicle’s headlights.

These have a number of different effects, including improving the quality of the lights as well as expanding the value of the car and making it even more special and unique.

The price of the vehicle upon release was a staggering US$3.4m, and used cars can still be found.

No new models are being made as a new hypercar has replaced it on the market.

The new car, which is known as the Fenyr SuperSport, boasts an RUF engine, jagged edges and a very expensive fee akin to its predecessor.

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For those who own more expensive vehicles, including but not limited to the likes of the Lykan Hypersport or the Fenyr SuperSport, however, it only makes sense to take out even more comprehensive types of motor vehicle insurance.

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