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Why you should use Seez in the UAE

Drivers in the United Arab Emirates will already be aware that searching for and purchasing a new motor vehicle can be a complicated business, but there is one app in the region that will make it easier and faster, not to mention cheaper.

The Seez app is the only one of its kind that anyone who lives in the UAE needs to make use of in order to purchase a motor vehicle.

The app features every online car listing from all 28 of the nation’s most significant vehicle-selling websites, and therefore saves consumers a good deal of time and money when it comes to searching for the best price for their new car.

Seez not only displays listings but also helps consumers with their decision as to which vehicle would be best for them to buy.

There are a number of things that can be done on the Seez app to help save time and make it easier to find the right vehicle for you.

One good tip is to search through everything.

The average person looking for a car to buy spends around 17 hours over the course of several weeks to find their ideal vehicle, but this takes mere seconds when making use of Seez.

The smart search engine is able to collect listings of vehicles in the UAE from almost everywhere online and display them all in the same place, making it much simpler and less time-consuming for shoppers to see all of their options.

Many buyers who are looking for a car have no idea how much the value of a vehicle should really be, but Seez comes with a calculator that utilises as many as 12m pricing data points to work out what any car should actually cost.

Not only can the value of any vehicle be calculated, but every listing on Seez also comes with colour-coded stickers designed to let the customer know if the deal is a good one, a reasonable one, or a bit on the expensive side.

Green stickers mean that the deal is a really good one and should probably be snapped up as soon as possible before someone else gets there first.

The app also comes with a ‘Hot Deals’ section for those who are only interested in finding the best deals in the UAE, with Seez making use of artificial intelligence to work out the nation’s best deals and providing daily updates.

When people buy a car through Seez, they do not have to worry about whether the car will be in good condition either.

Buyers can request that an inspection of the vehicle concerned be performed by a professional mechanic, who will return a comprehensive report as to the car’s condition in addition to videos and photos.

Anyone who buys and uses a motor vehicle in the UAE needs to take out a basic form of third-party car insurance to be in accordance with the country’s laws.