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New level of trust from Dubizzle

A new premium car buying and selling service called Dubizzle Pro has been developed by Dubizzle to provide greater convenience and peace of mind to buyers and sellers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubizzle Pro adds to the most trusted used vehicle marketplace in the UAE by offering solutions that will help save both money and time for people who want to buy or sell a car.

Dubizzle Pro’s expert team can assist users with the entire journey of buying or selling a car in the UAE, no matter where they currently are in the process.

ADCB, Emirates NBD and HSBC trust the company enough to have labelled it a ‘certified general evaluator’, which is good news for used car buyers who will need finance for their next purchase.

This certification allows used car buyers to get exclusive lending rates on vehicles that Dubizzle has inspected and evaluated.

Buying a used vehicle can create anxiety in customers, and selling one can also seem daunting, says the head of Dubizzle Pro, Matthew Davidson.

Dubizzle Pro is a traditionally online business that is now taking its expertise into the real world to give users a trusted partner for their requirements via a series of new services that are all completely stress-free.

These services will help to make the whole process simpler, more transparent and go a lot faster, according to Davidson.

The assisted buying solution known as BuyerAssist extends throughout the whole of the purchasing process, from researching and shortlisting cars based on the needs of buyers to inspection and test driving on behalf of the customer.

Buyers can choose to go with the complete service or shortlist a vehicle they are already interested in before getting on board with Dubizzle Pro.

More experienced buyers can still make use of Dubizzle Pro by engaging it to perform an inspection prior to purchasing a used vehicle.

A 120-point comprehensive inspection will then be arranged with the seller, and after it is completed, the buyer will be given a report that details the current condition of the vehicle and any areas that might be in need of attention.

This allows the buyer to get the reliable data they need to either try to negotiate the purchase price or look for different options.

SellerAssist is aimed at people in the UAE who want to sell their car and takes care of the entire process for them.

Vehicles that are listed via Dubizzle Pro get the best exposure possible with a featured listing, a fair market price, and professional photos aimed at helping to sell the car as quickly as possible.

ProAssist also provides help for car owners who want general assistance with the likes of car registration renewal and the provision of evaluation certificates to assist with car loan applications.

Anyone driving a used or new motor vehicle in the UAE must by law be covered by at least basic third-party car insurance.