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OnStar safety service comes to the UAE

OnStar, the innovative security and customer support platform from General Motors, will make its debut in the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates next year.

The company announced its intention to bring its world-famous service to the region at GITEX Technology Week.

The membership-based service, the first of its type in the region, offers integrated assistance and safety features with a human touch to provide drivers with peace of mind.

OnStar is able to provide solutions in almost any circumstances – it has the ability to give user support in the event of car theft, accidents and even an allergic reaction.

Buttons directly built into the Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC owned by the customer allow them to contact a human being who will be able to give assistance 24/7.

Pressing the red emergency button will see an advisor ready to give assistance to the driver in a matter of seconds.

A blue button, meanwhile, offers a concierge service, including directions and a vehicle diagnostic.

The managing director of OnStar Middle East Operations and Future Mobility, Gary West, says that today’s customers want a greater degree of connection and want their vehicles to have the same services that they receive on their phones.

One of the region’s leading traffic safety experts, RoadSafetyUAE, recently performed a study that revealed that motorists believe UAE roads remain dangerous because of high levels of distracted and reckless driving.

OnStar’s arrival in the region is intended to help improve road safety.

General Motors Africa and Middle East president John Roth says that the company is working to use innovative technology to provide a safer and more secure journey to everyone.

The ultimate goal is for a world without any crashes, congestion or emissions.

Roth adds that General Motors is working closely with partners in both the public and private sector to ensure that OnStar technology is introduced to the UAE smoothly and safely.

Those partners include ESMA, Etisalat, and the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police.

As well as the wide array of tech features, OnStar differentiates itself with the use of the human element to improve the convenience and safety of journeys for its members.

This support includes helping new members to start using OnStar for the first time as well as assistance in the event of emergency.

Full training is being given to OnStar Advisors so that they can offer a range of emergency and standard services to OnStar members in the UAE.

Those services include Automatic Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, On-Demand Diagnostics, Emergency Services, Connected Navigation and Remote Key Lock/Unlock.

Etisalat’s vice president of Internet of Things & Digital Marketing, Alberto Araque, says that the company is thrilled to be teaming up with General Motors to provide the UAE with an efficient, safe and more connected driving experience with OnStar.

Whether you choose to become a member of OnStar or not, if you are driving on the roads of the UAE, you are legally required to have car insurance coverage.

Car insurance provides protection from problems associated with car accidents and thefts, principally of the financial variety.