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UAE motorists to be fined for not using indicators

A video has been released by Abu Dhabi Police warning motorists that there will be a clampdown on drivers who do not make use of their indicator lights.

Road users who neglect to inform other drivers when they intend to slow down or change lanes, or if there is a road emergency, will be fined Dh4,300, according to the police awareness message.

A motor vehicle comes with a number of signalling devices, including indicators, hazard warning lights, reversing light, horn, brake lights and headlights.

The signals are intended to give other motorists advance notice as to the driver’s intended manoeuvres.

Indicator lights are found at the back and front of a car, and are coloured amber.

They are used to signal to other road users that the driver intends to change their direction of if they are about to move onto an intersection.

After the completion of the manoeuvre, drivers should turn off the indicators to avoid confusing other motorists.

According to a statement from Abu Dhabi Police, 278 road accidents were caused in 2018 by motorists failing to use indicator lights when deviating from the road – there were 20 serious injuries.

Police have recorded 235 accidents from 1st January to 20th August this year, which were the result of failure to use indicator lights – this figure includes six injuries and one death.

Around 21,660 vehicles have been issued fines for not using indicators during a change of direction.

This includes 17,349 from 2018 and 4,311 from January to August this year.

There are a number of things that drivers need to keep in mind in order to make sure that they are using indicators in the correct manner.

You should begin to use the indicator lights several seconds prior to your intended move so that other drivers have time to understand what you are planning to do.

Traffic in all directions should be checked, including with the use of side and rear-view mirrors.

Indicate prior to any move, check over your left shoulder and then go.

If another driver is using their indicator lights, then behave in a polite and considerate manner and allow them to make their move.

There are a number of instances in which it is appropriate to make use of indicator lights.

These instances include:

  • When you are intending to change lanes
  • When you are getting off a roundabout
  • When you are taking an exit
  • When you are taking a turn
  • When you are leaving a parking spot

Another obligation in the United Arab Emirates is for all drivers to have taken out car insurance before they go on the road.

Taking out a car insurance coverage policy is not only a legal requirement in the UAE but is also just simple common sense.

Car insurance policies help to protect drivers from the financial problems that can arise if their vehicle is stolen or if they have an accident that damages their car or other vehicles.